Why people say “I wanna think about it” part 2 the reaction

How to get past “I wanna think about it” and learn how to sell more –  part 1

Sales failure creates chaos
sales objections are caused from chaos

“I wanna think about it” fuels reactions from the salesperson that cause the sale to be lost. The phrase alone of “I wanna think about it” keeps sales people up at night, In sales planning or marketing planning the thing that keeps people up all night is what ideas for sale are built on. What happens when the tables are turned on sales people and they then have something that keeps them up all night?


Chaos is what happens when the kryptonite phrase “I wanna think about it” is uttered.


Salespeople go into panic mode and it shows in just about everything that they do once it is said, the body language or nonverbal cues change, the facial features alone for most sales people would cause fear, vocal patterns changes and even entire attitudes.


The panic mode from sales people turns into the quick rebound of “what is there to think about” causing the potential buyer to be in perfect control and putting the salesperson in the chase because they know that is what the sales person is going to say.


Worse is when the buyer knows that the salesperson will drop their drawers when they feel that a sale will be lost.


What’s a salesperson to do when being panted into this corner?


The first thing to do is to not react; for the most part ignorance is bliss, that’s right ignoring the statement may not make sense at first. Many times the buyer or potential client is just playing the sales person to find out their weaknesses.


Years of conditioning and typical sales strategies has taught buyers to play fake it to get a discount and normally the buyers first objection really isn’t their real one any way if they have one.


Most sales challenges come from the last few minutes of reactions and not from the call or the objections that the buyers or potential clients have.


If you don’t believe this role play with a partner and film just the reactions to “I wanna think about it” they will show up on film and in a way that shows contempt and anger. Try this with a person that doesn’t know your motives then watch the film and when the phrase “I wanna think about it” comes out watch for the flinch and then the look of disgust on the face of the salesperson.


The best way to work around this look of disgust is to practice this over and over again on film to get used to it.


Being in sales takes patience and most salespeople exhibit this for the first ¾ of the sales call but at the point where they need it the most chaos turns into panic. Even if you were to break up your call or appointments into quarters all of them need just about the equal amount of patience and hard work but the last quarter is where it can be lost the fastest and hardest.


So what is the game plan? Where is the go to sales software or sales training? Sales failure comes from not knowing how to deal with common issues or being prepared to deal with them in a manner that will get the buyer or potential client calmed down enough to listen to the seller. Sales objection I wanna think about it


Yes you can push and turn the screws as hard as you can but you know what will happen when you walk out the door and there are only 3 options.


  • · They stick with the sale and they keep what was sold but they may hold some sort of anger against the product, your product or service is devalued and they become a pain for the rest of the time they keep or use the product or service.
  • · The call back and cancel and there is no question why they did the salesperson pushed and they regretted buying the product.
  • · They keep the product or service and you don’t have an issue with them at all.


Of the three options the last one is the one that happens the least.


So what really happened once prior to them saying “I wanna think about it”, where they spooked, was the product good enough or was it any of that at all? It could have been a combination of the three things, remember they may have or hold the fear that they will be judged for making the wrong decision. They may have the fear that they will not get what they need so they take the simple out and put off the decision. And the whole time the reaction of the sales person is predictable.


The whole key to all of this is that the reaction of a salesperson at the point of an objection is probably the most important and overlooked part of the sales call. This has to be scripted and even observed on film over and over again. If the objection causes chaos and or overreaction the recovery will probably not ever happen with positive results.


You homework today is to figure out just how you react when people give objections and how you will change them so that it does not cause more issues.  In the next sales video we will discuss the alternative knot double bind.


As always I appreciate your commentsand or questions about getting past the objection “I wanna think about it”.


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Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


 Businessman With Boxing Gloves by Ambro, Chaos Sphere by Danilo Rizzuti: Photo credits for: ” How to get past I wanna think about it”

12 thoughts on “Why people say “I wanna think about it” part 2 the reaction”

  1. That’s the deal. The days of the high pressure sale where
    pushiness is/was the word…are fading but they aren’t gone
    yet in the service industry. The Client Centered Salesperson
    continues to be the most profitable and best for the customer….

  2. Hi Scott,

    You are such an expert sales man and trainer with experience from the trenches. One of the things I think about with sales is that different approaches are more effective with different temperaments. If we PUSH an amiable temperament person, we trigger their defenses. Like a turtle withdrawing into its shell for safety. Whereas when we are there to SERVE the client in Client Centered Selling we will truly create a Win / Win situation.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Facebook Dating Expert

  3. Contempt and anger? I did not know that … and WOW, what an eye opener. So one needs to really practice hearing “I wanna think about it” A LOT to desensitize the reaction and have a plan of action when the inevitable “I wanna think about it” is spoken!

    Thanks, Neil

  4. Excellent points you make about not over-reacting to that phrase. I rarely buy on the spot the first time, so I do say “I want to think about it” or “I”ll sleep on it & let you know tomorrow”. But if the salesperson gets pushy or their demeanor changes in a negative way, then I know they dont care at all about me or future business with me, so I won’t buy for that very reason.

    The people who do get a lot of repeat business from me are the salespeople who make their best case & when I say I want to sleep on it, they give me their number & tell me to call if I have any questions. Their attitude of still wanting to be helpful makes me like them more and trust that they’ll look out for me in the future too.

    Good stuff you’re posting here Scott!


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