How to sell more make your client a hero

How to sell more make your client a hero: If you work for a business you are a salesperson you may have heard the term “make your client the hero”. This expression doesn’t help you if you don’t know how to help the situation.


Making your client the hero may be as easy as making the process or the buying situation easy for them.


One of the challenges for buyers of any product is that they do not want to look dumb or they do not want to do anything in the eyes of their peers that would cause them to look like they made a bad decision.


Salespeople can make their client the hero

If you are in sales one of the best ways to make your buyers look smart and ultimately look like a hero buy making your explanations easy to understand.


Now this idea of making your products or services easy to understand may cause you to believe that you are already doing this but chances are you are not making your explanations easy for a buyer to understand especially if you are in a technical industry.


The best explanations are the ones that are short and do not have a ton of technical terms. It is a good idea to remember that most people in the United States have less than a 8th grade reading and comprehension level and if you trigger the thought that makes them look dumb they may shut down and you would not even know why.


If you are explaining something and you lost the man or the woman they are not listening to what you are saying they are just hoping you will stop soon so that they can tell you “I wanna think about it” or “no”.  


Ways to make your client the hero

You can make your client the hero by practicing the ways that you explain terms or ideas for you product or service to a few people who are not in your industry, if they have questions or concerns you will need to refine the script.


If you have some sort of brochure you would want to do the same thing, showing people from outside your industry what you have will answer so many questions of why someone chooses you over another person or not.


A huge thing to remember is that you are in your industry and have heard the terms and ideas probably a million times. The person who is new may have some “silly” or “dumb” questions that you get all day long. Part of your job is to answer those “silly” or “dumb” questions like it was the first time that you heard them. If you act put off by having to answer the same question over and over again you will have to leave civilization as you know it. Even if you go to work in a drive up window you would have to ask the same question over and over again and that would be “you want to upsize your meal for a quarter more”? Ok so you want to be a Rockstar? You would have to sing the same songs over and over again.


Remember make everything that you do with your clients and potential clients as easy as possible and they will repay you when they don’t have to look dumb by buying your product and or services.


One last thought if you think this idea is too simple. Chances are your competition doesn’t even take a look at this idea look at their product or literature in the same way. Just know if it’s complicated and not easy to understand you are miles ahead. Make your process really easy and you will be good to go by making your “client the hero” and they can make a good decision.  


So you want to persuade and influence people better? You will need a understanding of how people think and you can get it here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about making your client the hero!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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How to sell: Get to the expectations

How to sell: Salespeople could have a list of thousands of things that they miss and any combination of them would help them make more sales or increase their income.

Some of what is missed that can effectively increase persuasive sales skills  is knowing what questions to ask potential clients  to determine if they are a right fit.

How many times have you gone all the way through your sales presentation only to discover what you have to offer is not what the potential client was looking for. Neither of you ended up with what you wanted and you both could have done something far more productive with your time.

An simple and effective way to determine what the other person wants is to just ask what their expectations are from getting the project done or what they hope to acheive by using your product and or service.  By you asking this one type of question you can determine what type of motives they as a buyer have and if you can even provide solutions or services for their problems.

Yes this sounds very easy to do but most sales people do not ask this one simple question and it is the easy things that make the sales for you not normally the difficult things.

Now on the other hand when you are discussion expectations and your potential client goes first and explains what they want you then have the perfect opportunity to discuss your expectations.

In a sense you opened the door for the conversation not just for their benefit but for yours as well.

For some sales people this type of question may seem a little blunt. Let’s take a look at what happens when you decide to dance around the subject.

  • ·         You spend time on the proposal
  • ·         You spend time on the call
  • ·         You spend time answering questions that create frustration
  • ·         You miss time with someone you could have helped
  • ·         You miss out on money from people who could have paid you
  • ·         You didn’t do your job.
  • ·         Your company did not make any money

Sometimes salespeople do not want to ask all of the right questions because they confuse busy work for actual activity. It doesn’t get the salespeople money but they sure feel great about spinning their wheels. Many times in sales its the questions that are not asked that become the most important.  

By asking this one simple question you would be amazed at how many people will open up to you and maybe a few will be thrown off by your directness. Many times salespeople fear the worst when it comes to asking the important questions and the biggest issue or concern is “what if my potential client doesn’t like me from asking such a direct question” ?

The funny thing is the higher up the food chain you go in a business the shorter amount of time that person has. Low level managers will eat up more time than a mid level manager, CEO’s just want you to spit it out and get to the point because they know how much money their time is worth.

Persuasive sales techniques or skills are not always the answer to help you increase your sales but they do help. Remember if you do not ask the answer will always lead you to a “no”.

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

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