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Persuasive powers of communication: There are plenty of times where you need some persuasive power while dealing with others. You will want to be able to effectively influence the people around you in the best format possible to get your message out and then also get the man or the woman to your way of thinking.


When it comes to communicating and delivering your message there are two powerful forms of communication:

  1. 1.      Persuasive questions
  2. 2.      Stories that lead to influential actions



Persuasive questions

One of the greatest skills that you can learn to communicate better is that of persuasive questions. Now there are plenty of questions that you can ask and hey can range from open ended to closed ended or they may have a great length to them. No matter how a question is asked the person is listening has to think about what the question was but they don’t have to answer it.


Its not just enough the question has a powerful hook the person who is asking the persuasive question must know when to be quiet. Just as the question has a sense of power the silence may have even more power than the question because the person has to think about what was asked or how to respond. There is a age old mantra in the sales world and that is “the first person to talk loses” and part of the persuasive questioning abilities comes form knowing when to be quiet.


You will want to be quiet after every question and that how you know when to not talk.


A persuasive question looks for an answer to an area that will affect the decision, now this is different from a fact question.


A fact question would be:


How many widgets did you ship last month?


A persuasive question may fall along the lines of:


If you have any work done with this project and it’s not performed correctly are you completely ok with that?


….. even if the competing job comes in for less?


It makes the other person or people think and then they have to talk it out if you know how to get them talking. From there you may want to watch the other person’s body language or even ask more questions that would allow you to reverse on the potential client.


Just know that when you ask questions the right way you will find that your influence may do more work for you than what you would think.


Persuasive power of stories:

Stories are the way that people communicated when there was no writing and whether a man or woman knows how to read they can convey a story.


Now your challenge is to wrap facts into the story or strong points to make it effective. You can do this by writing down your facts first and the adding the elements of the story that would make the story draw out emotions or challenge the listener.  


You may want to use covert hypnosis in the story to be more persuasive and really take some time to engineer the story to be more effective.  


Persuasive story with emotions and vocal power

While telling a story it becomes more persuasive the more that it comes to life and that can come from the way that it is delivered including vocal inflection, the use of body language.


Persuasive stories can be repeated later on down the road but can get people to take action after the story has been told with ease by the teller because it is highly memorable.


The power of stories can bond people together or can get people to fall asleep. A good story will captivate people, draw them in and then get them to take an action or ask a question. Those 2 things are important:

  • ·         Ask a question – one that you have wanted them to ask
  • ·         Take an action – one that you have built into the story


Joseph Campbell has extensive knowledge on telling stories and breaking them down so that you can engineer a story to work better for you. You can get his books and dvd’s on amazon.


When a persuasive story is told the right way the action needed will be taken in the time frame that is designed by the teller.


Learning how to craft persuasive story takes time and patience and plenty of practice.


When you are persuading others it’s a good idea to practice your message prior if possible to find any loopholes that may trap you.


Practice persuasive questions

For you to practice persuasive questions you will want to ask people who have no ties to your product, industry or your way of thought to get a true reaction that you can gauge and this allows you to know what type of reaction that you will get.


Leaning how to influence others can be the key to more income, a new boyfriend or girlfriend or even that imported car that you always wanted.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions about persuasive questions and stories.




Now go implement!







Scott Sylvan Bell










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How to sell: Get the budget for the project


Getting the budget can help you sell more
Sell more now by getting the budget

How to sell: persuasive sales skills can not do enough for a sales person if they are not willing to stand up for themselves. If you are in sales there has to be a list of what needs to be achieved in all sales calls. Within this list there may be a few items that must be determined:

  • ·         Items or services that the potential client can use
  • ·         The budget for item or services to be perfomed
  • ·         If the potential client is a good fit for both parties


The one that is the toughest for most sales people is finding some sort of ground for the budget to determine the next step.


If you look at a sales call as if it is a split bell curve and you are able to label the top of the curve your power, it declines as the sales call goes on while the power of the potential buyer increases as the call goes on.


If you as a salesperson do not engage with the buyer to find the budget you will get the “I wanna think about it” routine at the end.


Now there are some dangers involved there is a place where it is too soon to ask for the budget. If you are using persuasive sales skills you would know that you must prime the buyer in the beginning of the sales call as well as state a range of how much the product could be a few items to get the potential client aware of just how much they could be spending.    


An example may be for this widget there are a wide range of options that you can invest in, they can range from $30,000 – 9,000. If you do this the right way the person will say: “there is no way I am investing $30,000 on this widget” and it opens the door for you to say “I was not expecting you to spend $30,000 for a widget like this but what were you hoping to invest”?


How to sell more by getting the budget through persuasive sales skills
How to increase your sales now - get the budget out of the way


Now many times buyers will give you the “I have no idea” routine and stall out on purpose but you can keep going.


“I know you didn’t want to spend $30,000 on this widget but did you want to invest $25,000”?


They will of course say “No I didn’t”


You get to then ask “Did you want to spend $20,000 on this widget”?


They will say “No” but at about this point they will be able to see that you are not willing to give up and usually give you some sort of answer. You can then inform the potential client that they can get a really nice widget for the amount that they give you. Your next question should then be to ask how they intend to pay for the product: cash credit or financing?

If you as a salesperson do not get this information nailed down you will not be able to move forward at some point. Now buyers do not always want to give up their information and of course they want you to give as much free information as possible, they want to give up the least and expect the world of you.


All too often the budget is danced around by sales people whether in a sales slump or not. Being willing to ask the important questions and get the answers does lessen the pain of sales people but does not always solve all the problems sales people have.


In the military there is a term of “drop dead time”, you as a sales person need to have the same. If you have a list of questions that need to be answered to get to the next step you must be willing to walk away. One of the greatest powers you have is that ability reject someone before they can reject you. Many times with sales skill the person will reel you back in because they will not understand your ability to walk. If people are not willing to answer your questions and they just want your “quote” or a presentation you already know you more than likely are not doing business.


There is an issue with sales people where they take the extreme of either side of the pendulum either they do too much or they do not do enough. The same goes with attitudes towards selling and getting a budget. If you go to hard at it you will make people angry ad just be seen as a sales jerk if you do not go hard enough you will get walked on and give plenty of sales presentations with stalls at the end.


Getting a budget may not always require persuasive sales skills or mastery of non-verbal communication skills but many times it does take some backbone to ask the tough questions. Sales rejection may or may not be because of you and your sales abilities it may be that the potential buyer has a motive that you didn’t uncover.


If you don’t ask the questions that you need to you will have to battle at the end of the sales conversation.


Learning how to sell more does take time and effort and there is not special sauce except hard work.


As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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