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How to sell more: Deal with confusion and make more sales

How to sell more: Selling is a tricky sport sort of speak. There are so many things that can go right and then again there are so many things that can go wrong.

Sales success or sales failure is only split between from just the right statement or question can quickly turn […]

How to sell more: Stop price matching and discounts

How to sell more: Sometimes there are things that salespeople do to help create sales failure or sales rejection. Sometimes these items that create sales problems are the fault of the companies that the salespeople work for.

Sometimes vendors will do things as incentives to help sell product or services. In some […]

How to sell more with the “law of price equalization”

How to sell: Many times buyers put the squeeze on salespeople because they think that they are doing their job and saving themselves some money.

Let’s introduce you to…..

Law of price equalization – All things aside no matter how much you look for a product and what you pay […]

How to sell remember the extras

How to sell: Many times sales people feel that persuasive selling skills will do all of the work for them and it’s all done, the sale is made.

The reality for salespeople is that it is the small things that can either make or break the sales call. The Boy Scouts have […]

How to sell or not to let sell

How to sell: There are some times where people who have been in the sales field have have not been able to perform should get out of the industry that they are in. In some instances it could be that the person is just not capable of selling in the industry or field and there […]

How to sell more by making people laugh


Having fun with a client can be a persusaive selling technique

How to sell: many times salespeople forget that they have a few things to do on their sales call and appointments. There could be a whole huge checklist of persuasive selling techniques to help influence others to their way of thinking to […]

How to sell more: Just ask!

How to sell: Salespeople always have a list of things that they can do to increase their sales. Some of these items require persuasive sales skills and abilities, some of the salespeople could just learn from using basic selling techniques.

Learning how to increase your sales does require a few rules to […]

How to sell: Learn to walk away from potential clients

How to sell: Sometimes in the persuasive sales process there is a point of no return. The statement that the “customer is always right” is not very accurate. There are some people for the lack of better terms have no right being one of your clients because they will be a pain in your backside […]

How to sell more by owning your product or service

How to sell: Salespeople have many repetitive things to go through on a daily basis. Even with the best persuasive selling skills they get asked the same questions over and over again.

Some of these questions that the potential clients ask can get sales people in trouble. Sometimes the potential client isn’t telling […]

How to sell more: Believe in your product or service

How to sell: One of the normal issues that salespeople have is something that stops them from reaching their sales potential. It does not matter their sales skills or their ability to overcome objections there are just some salespeople born with a plague that eventually hurts them.

It may seem strange that a […]