Persuasive sales techniques of other salespeople


Persuasive sales techniques of others: So much money is spent on sales training and while some the techniques and strategies work there are salespeople who do not bother to implement what they have learned. On the other hand there are some fantastic sales lessons out there that you can benefit from.


Persuasive sales techniques that don’t work

Now there are times when you walk away from a salesperson whether you are in the business or not and just shake your head wondering if they ever make any money from what they do. These are the type of salespeople who think that it’s all about scripts and the “next level” sales idea that really doesn’t work. Their sales process isn’t really cool or really easy and there at tons of sales mistakes along with lack of building rapport. It may even be that the salesperson doesn’t know how to make their buyer a hero.


In order for you to tune up your persuasive sales techniques and abilities you will want to watch what other sales people do wrong through their sales process and then not do whatever they did wrong. If you are in sales or have people in sales you will want to be able to convey the message of what not to do in sales so take great notes.


Persuasive sales techniques that work

In order to get better at influencing others there are many things that you can do:

  • ·         Takes sales courses
  • ·         Pay for personal coaching by a persuasion expert
  • ·         Spend time out in the field selling
  • ·         Read books on persuasion or influence


Courses on sales can only go so far for you if your job is to influence people. Many times great theory it taught but the implementation of sales strategies is not.


You can even find a persuasion expert and pay them a good size chunk of money to help you find enlightenment in your industry. Normally this strategy pays off


There is something to be said from learning how to persuade others out in the field. There is a learning curve associated with working hand in hand alongside of your clients.


You can even buy all of the greatest books on sales training, overcoming objections, NLP, relationship building but you once again will have a long term learning curve.


One of the best things that you can do to learn persuasive selling skills and techniques is to watch other sales people. If they use a question in the sales process that you can use, then write it down and figure out a way to use it in your own sales process. If they ask a question that engages you write it down and find a way to implement it.


Sales training doesn’t have to come from a class or a course it can come from meeting and talking to other sales people in everyday interactions where you are involved or even interactions that you overhear.


There are plenty of places to learn new sales skills, techniques and or abilities and they will not always come from your industry.


Influence is a science and it takes some time to learn one of the best place to do so is right here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions on the persuasive sales techniques of others.



Now go implement!



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Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares the video of Persuasive sales techniques of other people.

How to sell more: Just change one thing

How to sell more: Persuasive sales skills can only take you so far then talent and planning have to be utilized.


Many times sales people who are on the verge of being great get caught up in many issues but one that creates more challenges than any and stops them flat in their tracks can be stopped.


Over time everything changes: products, codes, laws, buyers, businesses and even management. It seems that sales people who excel the most are those that not only can accept the changes that are made but can also adapt to what has changed quickly.


It is easy to get caught up in the way that things once were looking back over the shoulder of time. It’s comforting sometimes to be able to look backwards and revel in accomplishments. It’s easy to complain about how things have become. It’s easy to wish things had not changed and get caught up in the negativity.


When it comes to learning how to sell more it’s the difficult path that makes you better as a sales person. This takes some planning and concentration, but many mediocre sales people would rather watch reruns than work harder because it is easy.


It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what you sell things will always change. By looking forward and embracing the future challenges you have the ability to set what you need in motion when needed. This future planning is skipped out on many times and when change happens salespeople are not prepared in what to do next. Learning persuasive sales skills is a life long even and so is knowing how change can help or hurt you.


Many times salespeople also get caught up in where they work. Yes the grass may be greener on the other side of the pasture but that trip sometimes needs to be taken. This of course is uncomfortable and unknown but in order to get better at sales this may be the opportunity that needs to be embraced.


A few ways to accept or even plan for change would be:

  • ·         Look into laws or rules that may affect your industry in the short and long term.
  • ·         Look for the ways that your industry or service may change in the future what products or services may be added or removed.
  • ·         Look how technology may cause you to lose clients.
  • ·         Look how technology can help you gain clients through easier searching or services.
  • ·         Look for weaknesses that your competition or future competition may take advantage of loopholes.

Being on top of what is in the future takes away some of the weight of what happens as it happens. Will everything that you prepare for occur? No and that is a great thing that all issues do not happen.


You may think that something like planning for change can take up too much time but if this is something you visit once an month for 30 – 45 minutes you can have some solid plans laid out for many different subjects. The best idea is to start with the ideas or changes that would most dramatically change the course of your industry or service.


Persuasive sales techniques are great to have but what happens when you don’t have a job or industry to use them in. Increasing your sales is hard work and there will be plenty of people along the way to tear you down. Just remember that you could have already put your plans in motion and would accept that change.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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