How to sell more by making people laugh


Learn how to sell more with humor
Having fun with a client can be a persusaive selling technique

How to sell: many times salespeople forget that they have a few things to do on their sales call and appointments. There could be a whole huge checklist of persuasive selling techniques to help influence others to their way of thinking to make more sales.


Sometimes the seriousness in the sales appointment makes the call in itself unbearable and lead to potetnial clients saying “no” or “I wanna think about it”. Making sure that the potential client or the people that are receiving your sales orientation or sales presentation are having a good time actually gives you a larger chance of closing the sale.


Just think back for a moment the last time that you have to buy a large ticket item and where you did not want to?

  • ·         Where you stressed out about it?
  • ·         Did you really want to purchase the item?
  • ·         Did the thought of sitting through a long appointment appeal to you in any way?
  • ·         Was it tough to choose brand or manufacturer?
  • ·         Did you want to have to worry if some salesperson was going to be called in to close on you, or even worse yet that they were going to be boring?


None of the previous specified items above sound like any fun, in fact many times potential clients or buyers will put off decisions just because they are scared about all of those reasons and then some. Those items could fall somewhere between going to the DMV or getting a root canal.


Increase your sales by having some fun with your cleints
Persuasive selling skills include having some fun!


Your new sales job if you choose to accept it is to make sure that the person or the people that you sit with have a good time and you make the appointment or the call as easy as possible for them.


Yes this sounds ridiculously easy, and yes it may be more work than it sounds like. When you go to those big adventure fun parks where a 16 oz. soda is 8 bucks, do you flinch or do you just say it’s part of the fun?


If it’s part of the fun, spending money is not only easy but it is fast.


Most people know that when they buy something it is going to cost them more than what they thought, they just dread the long boring presentation or sales overview and want it to end. This quick appointment is what leads them to go with your cheaper competitor because their attention span is short. Ok well that isn’t the only reason that they go with price alone, but that is for another day.


Getting the potential clients to laugh or have a good time with you does do some work in changing their emotional or physical state. It has been said that happy people are more optimistic and easier to sell and that is because they are not thinking of all of the bad things in fact they are thinking about all of the good things or how you remind them of a friend or relative. If you find yourself in this boat you can only lose the sale by being dumb. If they compare you to someone that they like you might as well be that person to them and they will just hand over money to you.


Persuasive sales abilities or techniques do not always include memorizing questions or stories sometimes they are as simple as making someone laugh.



There is a dark side or dangerous aspect of having some humor in a sales call and that is:

  • ·         Not all humor translates well to others
  • ·         Stay away from topics that could get you in trouble
  • ·         If you are too goofy the person or people will not trust you no matter how persuasive that you are, your will lose the abiltiy to persuade 


Just remember that influencing others does take some time and effort. Learning how other people think is a good ability to have along with being able to make people laugh when appropriate. Sales failure comes from you as a persuader or influencer not knowing the keys to get into someone’s mind and not having them say “I wanna think about it”.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions and your comments.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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How to sell: Persuasive sales include being curious

How to sell: Persuasive sales skills encompass so many different things that can help you learn how to sell more.


Many times the items that help people increase their sales are traits or characteristics innately born with.


Great salespeople have to incorporate certain people skills into their daily life in order to succeed. One of the greatest traits for a salesperson to have is curiosity. When dealing with other people “telling isn’t selling” is a huge term to remember, but sadly most sales people show up and throw up as the explanation goes.  


Curiosity does help a salesperson tremendously with persuasive sales skills or even learning how to sell. These helpful abilities can include:

  • ·         Slowing down the sales call to control the clock
  • ·         Help with the rapport process
  • ·         Change an objection into a reduced concern
  • ·         Determine what can actually be done for the client or the potential client.


Many times in sales it is all too easy to rush through the call for any number of reasons. By being curious about not just the potential clients issues but about the environment that they are in this may slow down the sales process and open the person up. Now this is not always the case with a person who has the driver type of mentality but it does work well with the others. The main drawback is if you decide to take too long the person that you are with will get frustrated and want you to leave. There is a fine balance between persuasive sales skills including being curious and walking away without a sale.


From being curious salespeople can help develop their rapport building skills. Using the definition of being similar for rapport curiosity can help the potential client determine if you are like them. On huge word of caution: It is possible to build too much rapport and be too curious when that happens you are in trouble because now it is ok for someone to say “I wanna think about it” or give you some other stall. Yes you can be too curious and it will hurt you. The second way is if you seem fake about what you are doing and “trying” too hard.


When a potential client has an objection being curious does help you out because instead of being that salesperson that is too well versed at objection handling the curiosity comes out and slowly bring out the needed answers. When a person says something like:


Them: “I think it’s too much money”

You: “That does seem like a valid concern, but what else are you concerned about with this product”?

Them: “That’s it just the money”

You: “If I understand you correctly, you are happy with the product / service except this one small thing and it’s the cost or investment”?


Overcoming objections is not about the speed of dealing with the rejection, it is actually the opposite. It takes some time to talk people off the ledge of an objection.


You have then found out what is the cause of their pain with your product but most people who take sales training are taught to ask “Well how much too much is it”? or “If I could show you a way to make it more affordable today would you be interested”? Both of those options by the way mean that you as a salesperson is about to drop your drawers and discount to get a sale and that’s not really the right message to give to a potential client when you first meet with them. If you discount from the very beginning you will always be discounting although in some cases this has to be done (Just be careful of how much you give away it decreases your value in the long term).


The last great thing about curiosity is that it actually helps you determine what you can do for the client of potential client. In most industries there is not a one size fits all product that every person can be pushed into. If you are up against a competitor it does help you to care about what you do for others instead of just worrying about how much money you can make for yourself with this sale. People can feel desperation and they can also feel when people are not genuine and just care about their closing rate or commission check.


Go out and be curious about many things. Learning about new items does help you improve your persuasive selling skills and abilities. Remembering that it helps you to know a variety of information that can be used in the future it is a good idea to become uncomfortable as much as possible when it comes to stepping outside your boundaries. You never know what you can connect with people on whether its tractors or fishing. Go be curious and learn as much as you can so you can slow down the sales process the right way and use your persuasive sales techniques better.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Scott Sylvan Bell


Now go implement!


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