How to sell more with persuasive body language

learn "How to sell more" with this sales tip
Knowing how to sell can multiply your income
How to sell? This is a normal question salespeople and aspiring sales people ask every single day. There are many things that can make your sales life easier while some unknown things may make your sales life harder.
For you to learn how to sell you must increase your persuasive sales techniques. Now these sales techniques may be simple or even seem simple but the truth of the matter is they take time to learn and implement correctly.
Now you may not think that one simple change in your body language or non-verbal communication skills cannot make that much of a difference but if that is what you were thinking then you would be wrong.
One of the most common sales mistakes that new and old salespeople make is that they do not understand body arrangement or blocking. To fix this common sales mistake we will take a page from the seduction world. This sales tip may not make sense at first but give it a few minutes.
The way that you stand and the direction you face while talking to a person says quite a bit about your confidence, lack of confidence, social knowledge or even persuasive sales abilities.
The phrase toe to toe pops into mind with a huge reason. When you watch a boxing match the two opponents stand toe to toe.  When you argue or have a disagreement that almost becomes physical or even becomes physical you stand toe to toe. Naturally even standing like this causes emotions in the background of your brain causing an unknown uncomfortable feeling.
As you are probably thinking standing toe to toe or directly in front of the person you are talking to does cause you to lose some points when it comes to persuasive sales skills.
There is an easy way to alleviate this sales malfunction that has been costing you sales but before it is shared with you, what do you think the fix is?
All too often most mediocre sales people just go through their life haphazardly making sales and not knowing why. Great sales people know that just the slightest change in the body communicates their message differently. Sales techniques are not always what they seem.
To answer how to sell more with some changes to your body language you would do great to slightly offset your body by 20 to 30 degrees. By not directly facing the person that you are with while you are standing when you first meet the toe to toe feeling goes away.
This covert sales technique that can show you how to sell more works with sitting or standing.
There is a caution to your new non-verbal communication skill and that is if you do not eventually turn into the other person and stand face to face it will seem like you are trying to get away.
There is a rule when it comes to body language where your feet and heart are pointed, that is where you are going in lose terms. This is not a definite or hard fast rule but it is a generalization but it should isolate a concern. (Some body language experts may tell you this rule isn’t true, so just for a few minutes pretend that it is)
The ideal time for you to shift in is when the other person relaxes a little and you can normally see this when their shoulders drop slightly or their voice shifts just a little bit. The person with you may even just crack a slight smile. You will almost feel like you just got comfortable and it will mean that you have developed better rapport. This feeling shows that they are comfortable as long as you know what to look for. This is your cue to slightly turn into the other person slowly.
To reach this rapport faster the best method is to talk at the same pace and volume as the person you are working with along with the body staging or blocking.
If you turn into the person too soon it will take a bunch of work to counteract what you have just done and may make it seem like you are desperate or aggressive.
The reason that this nonverbal communication or body language skill works so well is that it may give the person that you are working with the idea or though that you are not intense or that you do not have to make the sell, almost like you have options and could walk away at any moment.
Standing or sitting side by side gives a better message and that is it makes you seem more cooperative and friendly and less aggressive. The saying “stand by your friends” is also another shortcut into the mind of your potential client. These mental shortcuts are what help you increase your sales.
Learning how to sell takes twists and turns that come from places than other normal sales training or sales techniques.
To work on this new persuasive selling skill initiate it with friends or family first. Get comfortable with your new persuasive sales skill within your comfort zone before trying it where it can cost you money on a sales appointment.
There is an easy rhyme to remember and that is “toe to toe the sale is a no go, slightly turn away and collect your pay”.
Get new selling techniques and find out how to sell
Seduction lessons can teach you how to sell
By the way if you are single this sales tip will help you seem more comfortable with the opposite gender.
A great place to practice this if you do not want to lose too much would be at a bar that you are not used to going to. This new action takes you out of your comfort zone allowing you to increase your sales abilities.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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How to make more sales now tip # 1 listen better

Sales people typically get complaints for all sorts of things but most of all is for not listening. Sales training teaches people how to ask questions and close but forget the one thing that the sales person needs the most, a person that listens to them. This lesson should be one of the first chapters in a How to increase sales manual.
Rapport happens in the sales process when people are like each other.  Real rapport cannot happen unless the sales person listens and has the feel of a vested interest with the buyer. Like and trust on the part of the buyer happens after you listen but not before.
Increasing sales comes from listening
Sales increases come form listening to your client
A huge but common mistake on the part of many sales people is focusing on the sales rebuttal instead of what the potential client has to say and how to help the potential client.  The sales person makes the mistake of a supercharged quick response and the reflex answer comes out.
This fast rejection reflex is uncomfortable in the mind of the potential buyer and starts to not only build resistance but also frustration. It makes to potential client feel like they are just a number or someone to close on.
Listening skills take a few things:
•· Concentration on what the potential client has to say
•· Somewhat restating or rephrasing what the concern or question is in a slow manner. When it says somewhat rephrasing the question this does not mean every time or word for word)
•· Taking notes when possible, this shows that you care and want to help with the concern or problem,
The last item on the list of active listening skills is taking notes on what your potential client has to share with you. The note taking helps put the buyer at ease.
Have you ever go to a restaurant and ordered food and the server didn’t write down what you ordered? Did you think that the food was going to come out right? Could you enjoy the time between the food being delivered and when it was brought to the table. Now imagine that you ordered a $10,000 product and the salesperson didn’t have the feel of getting the job done right. Even if just make a few quick notes your actions will have the feel of caring (by the way you should care).
Not every person buys in the same manner or for the same reasons and your ability to influence or persuade may need a little help in the listening skill. Sales success or sales failure happens when you as the seller either listens or do not listen. Your company could have the best marketing stra
persuasion happens from listening
Influence comes from listening to your clients
This short sales tip can help you increase your sales with some work and implementation. This item can also keep your buyer from saying the dreaded “I wanna think about it”.
Just remember take some time with your potential client and listen to what they have to say.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and questions.
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Seal team six style sales training for sales teams

SEALS team six trains all of the time for every circumstance in just about every weather condition possible.

Most sales people get by and do not have any set training regiment. Marketing plans are set in place in the hopes that the potential clients of leads will come in and the sales people of the staff can sell the products and or services. Sales success not just for the sales person but the sales company comes from being prepared.

Train your sales team like seal team six
Sales team training seal team six style

Effective sales training typically doesn’t happen or it is not real enough to count. As sales people practice they give up too easily or they make their session not real enough. Here are a few ways to make the training more realistic like Seal team six.

  • · Hire people off the street and pay them by the hour to see your presentation
  • Bring in actual clients and have them pick apart what you do, then take them to luch
  • · Use improve to make your sales team come up with interesting and creative plots.
  • · Use a deck of index cards with random parts of your presentation and role play through objections or distractions
  • · Get whoever is struggling the most to get up and teach the class if you have one

If you start with and end goal in mind it does help to know what you are looking for. Sales techniques are mostly the same and they are all for the most part predictable. If you sell products that are $10,000 go and look at buying something of similar costs and see how the sales people you meet with deal with traditional sales objections like “I wanna think about it”. While watching and learning from other sales people watch for their:

  • · Non verbal or body language
  • · Their choice of words to see if they are comfortable of if they seem to have a script
  • · How fast they react to objections and what they say to diffuse them either before they ahppne or as they happen
  • · If the pre judge you and determine if you can or cannot afford the product

You can learn so much just from watching someone else and there is so much that you can gain just from one of these road trips. The best part is from your sales work out you may be able to figure out how to explain something you do in your industry better. These workouts do not take much time and are fairly easy to do.

Seal team six work out for you sales team
How your sales team can workout like seal team six

Persuasion and influence both test the abilities of the user to see how well that they study for the real world. Sales failure occurs from not being patient and not having trained the right way. Increasing sales takes time from learning new skills and or abilities.

If you are going to learn how to increase you sales skills you will have to take some time and work more than other sales people. As a bonus for you lazy sales people do not make it for very long and you can also learn from their sales failures.

If you keep a small checklist of what you feel needs to be done on a sales call and presentation you can check off what you think was accomplished or what was not. Knowing that all sales people make mistakes even the good ones, take some time after each sales call and be real about whether you accomplished your mission. Give yourself a grade and learn from your mistakes. If you are going to get to the top or if you already there and would like to stay on top you will have to have the work ethic of Seal team six.

As always I appreciate your comments and questions in advance.

Now go implement!

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How to get out of a sales slump # 4 set your expectations before someone else defines them


Sales slumps can be caused by various things as mentioned in the previous articles: Lack of attention, lack of consistency, not knowing what is normal or abnormal in the sales process and many more other ways.

One issue most sales people have is that they have an event that they expect in the future that will pull them from their issues that they are having or their sales slump.

How to get past sales slumps
Sales slumps can be overcome

Take a Heating and Air Conditioning sales person for example. There are a few months in the HVAC (heating and air) business where the sales come in just from demand or do they?

Typically sales people in the HVAC industry look forward to the heating seasons or cooling seasons because they know that their sales schedules will be full and they will have plenty of opportunity to sell people new systems. The problem is that they set their foundation on fast calls and fast money. What happens if:

  1. The weather doesn’t cooperate and it doesn’t hit the temperatures assumed and the phone doesn’t ring?


  1. What happens if marketing falls off because there has been a sales slump and the company cannot put out the dollars set forth in the previous marketing plan?


  1. What about the people who implement the work who had to leave because of no work and now you cannot fulfill orders?


  1. They really are not ready for the work in their head because their sales game is off

The problem here is that the expectation was set on another event happening in the future that the sales person has no control of. What happens if that event that was supposed to happen that brings in the money never happens, or maybe it does but not at the level that they expected.

Saying that most sales people are lazy would be incorrect, saying that most sales training doest take into account what makes life easy for people would be more accurate. Sales people have to take their own initiative to learn from the list of itmes below that can also lead to sales success:

  • Seeking the advice of sales gurus
  • Reading books on sales, persuasion, influence, body language
  • Watching Sales DVDs or even listening to sales cds
  • Attending their own sales training that they pay for
  • Even start their own sales training process or sales website

Here is the dirty secret for most heating and air conditioning companies that nobody looks at but what if this happens in your industry also?

Sales slumps usually get worse in the busy season but they are masked by how busy the company is, unless a sales manager or owner of the company looks at these numbers regularly they may never know.

Wait how can that be? Its because instead of building momentum and learning the sales basics the sales person waits for things to get good. How long have you waited for things or items and they never arrived? Does this cause frustration and inconsistency? You bet it does and sometimes makes a sales slump worse.  Sales rejection can come from a feeling of being involved with any of these.

Sales slumps can occur because sales people think that they can wait for a specific event in the future that they cannot see.

Sales have changed more in the last 2 years than they have in the last 50 years. You probably wonder how:

  • “I wanna think about it” may be real because people or companies do not want to make wrong decisions
  • Social internet sites that discuss you and your business (they may not have very nice things to say about you or your product)
  • Loss of companies and or products in your market that have changed segments or how people buy from out of the region who do not know you and they only care about price not relationships
  • Cost of fuel increases causing more scrutiny on sales people from management teams
  • More managers focusing on dollars earned and lost and putting more pressure on the sales team(s)
  • Your competition has gotten smart to your strategies and is now using them against you and you are not prepared with new plans and or strategies to beat them at your old game

Key point: If you think that some magical moment is going to happen and the heavens will open up and pour money all over you find a new career where you get paid by the hour because this will not happen. Waiting for an outcome or event never works. It takes time and preparation all the time so that when that specified event does happen you harvest the fields.

Sales slumps can be changed by expectations
Increase your sales

It takes hard and tireless work in any industry to stay on top including sales. Just remember sales slumps are normal most of the time but how you get out of them will be determined by you and your attitude along with your knowledge of what caused them.

Your expectations of what happens in the future may also change the amount of money in your bank account or if and when you hit another sales slump.

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and questions.

Now go implement!



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How to get out of a sales slump #3, sales slumps are normal

Telling a sales person or a sales trainer that a sales slump is normal usually throws them off their game. Most sales trainers do not even touch this topic because they say with their training the sales person that is trained should not have issues. Well I have to share with you that is a bunch of crap.
Think about anything that you do in life for just a second and think how consistent are you at the activity?
  • · Laundry
  • · Washing your car
  • · Going to the gym
  • · Paying bills on time
  • · Putting the dishes in the washing machine correctly
  • · Doing homework
  • · Filing a report
Almost everybody has some sort of issue with consistency in just about every area of their life.
Now look at the normal statement.
If someone looks at you at points their finger and calls you “abnormal” there are probably a few feelings that you have:
  1. 1. Fear, possibly of being judged.
  2. 2. Loneliness because you may be one of a kind but in a bad way
  3. 3. Frustration because you want to be like everyone else
Now think about when someone calls you normal you may have the feelings of:
  1. 1. Relaxation, or the belief you are like others
  2. 2. Confidence because you are doing the right thing
  3. 3. Peace because you may not have to worry about being judged
Sales slumps can be beaten
Beat sales slumps in a few easy steps
So what does all of this have to do with a sales slump or sales in general? As a salesperson your ability to achieve comes from your being confident in your process which in turn gives an aura of body language and vocal patterns that help you sell.
Key point: If you are a sales trainer it is a good idea to tell someone that their issues are normal for wht they do if in fact they are like as in the case of a sales slump. This helps your sales person relax which goes back to point number 1 when having the feeling of being normal
Now take this to a client:
You have a product and for this example it costs $10,000. It may make sense to let a person know after they purchased the product from your supreme abilities to persuade and influence them that it may be normal to have the feelings of regret after purchasing the product and recap how it will benefit them for all of their problems and concerns that they have shared with you. In essence you are reducing after sales resistance.
This even works when someone says “I wanna think about it” your answer would be “ok well you do know that is perfectly fine and normal”. The problem occurs when you try to fight the uphill battle of telling someone that they are wrong. That person who is being told that they are wrong now wants to react in the opposite manner of what you want and now there is a stalemate.
The next time someone comes to you and has a concern with anything from a marketing plan to sales rejection it may just help to share with them that what they are going through is “normal”.
If you really want to increase your sales find out what is normal for you and your industry by asking some of the people who have been around for a while. You may just want to keep a journal and take notes on what has worked for your job and what has not. For your industry if you have gathered enough information you may be able to develop a sales dvd set that explains just exactly what normal is.
Increase your sales by not fighting the sales process
Salespeople can increase sales without fighting.
One great resource for sales skills is to learn about covert hypnosis and see how you can mold the model into what you sell on a daily basis. This could be for everyone from a mother who wants to influence a child to eat some broccoli to a business man who wants to persuade employees better.
Just remember that sales slumps are normal it is how you decide to react to them that will make the difference between sales success and sales failure.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
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How to get out of a sales slump #2 the journal

Sales slumps are normal, that’s right you may want to take some notes here. Most sales trainers will not share with you that sales failure comes from not knowing what is normal vs abnormal while in the sales process. In the last article it was discussed why sales slump are normal.
Normal sales slumps happen when there are distractions in life and that could be anything:
  • · A new product, property girlfriend, husband, car or any product that stops focus
  • · The loss of something, a boyfriend, a wife, a cat, a house, a loved one or anything that causes focus to shift
  • · Changing your sales process by implementing something new and unknown, adding too many things into your process (remember start with one new item or sales trick you have learned but practice it first before you lose money).
  • · Getting too confident and talking about yourself too much. Typically the wave works this way. You are in a sales slump and remember to have the potential client talk 70% of the time, your sales go up and you get cocky so you start to talk about yourself too much then your sales go down. You have lost focus and forgot to make the client the hero. You are not there to be the spotlight. This item happens more than you would think. Sales people in general talk too much but in general if you are talking about yourself too much you will turn your potential client off.  This also leads to more “I wanna think about it”  sales rejections.
For the abnormal items in the sales process:
  • · You are getting new objections you have not heard before. This may be because you have added something new to your process. Your market may have changes and you forgot to pay attention.
  • · There is some shortage of your product or service. You become stressed and your potential client learns or knows it.
  • · Somehow your product or service has bad reviews and now you have new challenges.
Your ability to sell is determined by your ability to focus along with dealing with every day stresses. A few things that will help you increase sales are:
  1. 1. Keep as many negative people out of your life. Sometimes the person who is the issue is your spouse or manager (good luck).
  2. 2. Get to the gym as often as possible; you know the work outs help take away stress.
  3. 3. Eat healthy, start by packing a lunch. Going through the dive up window every meal is not healthy.
  4. 4. Minimize on the energy drinks.
  5. 5. Make sure that you laugh every day, get a few comedy cd’s
  6. 6. Leave the talk radio off
  7. 7. Go sit for a few minutes at the park
  8. 8. Take a short nap
  9. 9. Mentor someone who is struggling
  10. 10. Donate some time with a charity
  11. 11. As a bonus if you have problems with things like depression get some help whether that is medication or someone to talk to.
Avoid sales slumps
How to avoid sales slumps
Too many times when sales people have issues it is because they have turned their focus inward to all of the problems that they face when they may not be as significant as thought.
Your ability to persuade and or influence others comes from your outer shine of confidence, when you have sales issues they keep you from shining as much as you can.
A few things that will help you stay on course:
  1. 1. Keep sales materials in your library you can study from. The library can include sales cd’s, sales dvds, sales journals, information on marketing strategies, inspirational books or movies and lastly biographies of your hero’s. If you have a sales guru maybe you can contact them and get their newest product.
  2. Keep a sales journal or somehting that lists ideas for persuasion tactics
  3. 2. Role play with a partner or group
  4. 3. Perform improve (this is a huge secret be sure to not share it, if you do share this website)
  5. 4. Know that sales slumps are common and if you know what has changed in your life you can determine when or why you will have one.
Increase your sales now and avoid a sales slump
sales failure can come from sales slumps
People who have been in sales for a while sometimes know that sales slumps are normal but they may not have taken the time to figure out why. Whether you are new in sales or a veteran remember to have some fun and laugh.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions.
Now go implement!
One last note: None of this advice should be taken as if I am a doctor because I am making no claims to be.  If you need medical advice talk to a doctor
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How to get out of a sales slump #1

Sales people who are struggling new and old have one thing going for them, they typically have a tough time with the same exact thing. It doesn’t matter how many sales trainings that they have been to, no matter what sales guru they have learned from, no matter how many books on persuasion, influence, body language or how much role playing that they do.
Sales training persuasive questions
Sales rejection causes risk issues
For almost every struggling sales person it comes down to the same thing. In order tom make more sales a salesperson will have to ask the questions that they do not want to.
Sometimes asking tough questions is hard especially of a salesperson has received piles of rejection. This stems from the fear of being told no again. This fear also causes sales people to not go through what they normally would if they were selling.
In essence struggling sales people do 2 things that cause them great harm;
  1. 1. They shorten their presentations because they need to get to their next call or they asre afraid of rejection.
  2. 2. They stop asking the questions that they know that they should because they want to be liked or they are afraid that they will be told no.
From the outside this doesn’t make any type of sense, to be a salesperson these 2 common sales mistakes may make sense.
From coaching sales people they do not see these sales issues until they are explained fully. They do not see what is actually holding them back unless someone shows them or by luck they dig themselves out of their  sales failures. Most of all they want to make the problem that they are having more complicated because they want to justify the problems that they are having. Think of it this way if you have a problem and it is complicated it makes you  feel better while you are having those problems, it is no different for sales people.
So here are a few questions that sales people “forget” to ask when in a sales slump:
  • · Asking for the sale in general (they don’t even ask for the business they just look at their potential client after showing them the option or options and hope the person picks one). Remember if they don’t ask the question they can’t be rejected.
  • · Asking for a budget no matter what size project. By ignoring this question nothing really can move forward.
  • · Asking to meet with the decision makers. In this instance once again they cannot be told “no”.
  • · Asking questions that gain commitment such as if we can find a product for these problems or issues that you are having will you move forward today or by a specific date?
The best thing for sales people to do when they are struggling is to remember that sales rejections are normal, just like sales slumps but in order to move ahead or get out of the problem the sales plan will have to be worked correctly.
 Sales success sometimes needs more than sales training
sales checklist to sales success
Before a salesperson gets into a sales slump it is recommended to record your sales performance while on top. The reason for this is to see what you are doing right and also to write down the types of questions that you are asking. Once the sales slump occurs you can go back and look at your road map and see what you are missing.
The next thing to do while on top is ask one question that you have not normally asked before. While on top a salesperson has a certain confidence or swagger that they normally would not have if in the middle of sales failure.  It is also common for sales people to be able to battle “I wanna think about it” while on top.
When a salesperson gets into a slump they typically go out and look for the latest sales guru or last best seller book and try to implement new things. The main issue with this is that they are already out of a normal comfort zone and they lack sales confidence, they then go out and try something new that they are not prepared to work with.
In short here is the normal cycle as if it were a marketing plan or even written step by step:
  1. 1. Salesperson hits a normal or abnormal sales slump
  2. 2. They “forget” to ask the right questions
  3. 3. They do not go through the whole sales presentation
  4. 4. They speed up the sales process to get to the next call
  5. 5. In desperation they go and buy the newest product or see the latest guru to learn what they are doing wrong.
  6. 6. In desperation the salesperson tries to implement 1 to too many things that they are not comfortable with or in all realities ready for.
  7. 7. The cycle goes back to number two through 6 until they sneak out of the sales cycle.
There isn’t any sales software that is out there that teaches this. If you are a salesperson or a manger it is important to be reminded sales slumps are perfectly normal for a few reasons that we will go over next time.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and questions.
Now go implement!
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Increase sales – Secret number 7 get some vacation

Sales success can come in many different packages and ideas. This sales idea may at first not make sense but stick with it for a moment and you just may find a way to increase your persuasion abilities.

I recently had a conversation with one of the new sales people that I work with. He shared with me that he didn’t care how many sales calls in the year that he goes on and the more that he works the more money he could make. The thought was “the more calls I take the more I make”. For me this is the formula for burnout after a set amount of time.

Some sales people can just go for hours and days on end but eventually there is a burnout factor. Then there is what happens to most people, sales failure can come from not getting away enough or not taking enough time off. Your brain and body do need time to reset and recharge. This isn’t to say take off as much time as possible but there is a point where you do have to get away.

Now for me personally I typically will work for 2 months before I need time off. That may be 4 days or even 10 days off or away. Now this is what it takes for me to download and increase sales.  This isn’t to brag or to say that I do something better than someone else. This is just my preference. Every person is different and has a different set of circumstances. The question for you is when is the last time that you took time away from what you do to recreate.

Living in California places I normally visit include Southern California, Las Vegas and occasionally Hawaii. I use those places as a prime for me to come up with new ideas or just to let my brain reset.

Sales skills are enhanced by the ability to take time off. Now this may sound strange because you have to work. What happens though when you do not take enough time off.

So you don’t have vacation time or the money to get away from your job here are a few ideas to relax and “get away” sort of speak.

  • · Get a full body massage – cost about $100 for 60 minutes
  • · Get a manicure or pedicure – Cost about $60
  • · Go to the ocean, the lake a river or National or State park for the day – cost a tank a=of gas and travel money
  • · Go to a museum – cost about $20
  • · Go to a movie – cost about $10 – 15

Sales training normally does not teach for you to get out and get some recreation time or vacation time but it does help keep you from hearing “I wanna think about it” or getting stressed out.  If you get stressed out within range of your clients they can pick up on it and can then lead to rejection. If companies really wanted to maximize their marketing strategies they might want to invest in some vacation time for their people.

As always I appreciate your comments and questions!

Now go implement.

Sales rejection is treated as a plague and it may be your persuasion abilities or your stinking breath

If you have been in sales for longer than a day you have had to deal with rejection. More importantly if you have been alive for any amount of time you have had to deal with rejection, so why is it such a big deal for salespeople?
Stress is casued from sales rejection
Rejection in sales creates stress
Many times sales people cannot separate rejection on the part of the buyer from the work that they put in on the proposla. There are 2 separate things going on here. As a salesperson you have to do all of the hard work and sometimes people will say no, but where the issue is comes from thinking that all of the previous work was wasted. Your work was not wasted it’s just part of your job to do things repetitively and sometimes whatever you did just fails. Rejection may not be the message it may be the messenger or it can be the other way around.
Part of the issues is when sales people are in a sales slump this feeling of time being wasted becomes amplified along with the belief of doing nothing right. This can be stressful especially when others around you are selling and making money. It is important to know that normally when you are on top the others are in a slump, this all goes in cycles. When your on top they suck and on the flip side when you suck and they are on top. Get used to looking at what you are doing more than others. It is tempting to look over and see what they are up to but you lose focus on your abilities and goals and start doubting yourself.
Most people highly successful in sales or not typically have sales cycles. It is important to know that your sales abilities are influenced by what is going on in your life. It may very well be a “you” situation more than what you would think. In fact it could all be you and not the fault of the buyer in any way. Your attitude and non-verbal communication is picked up at the speed of light on the part of the buyer. If the buyer is picking up on your emotions and non-verbal communication in the back of their mind and it is not registering to them in the front of their mind they just very well  may be put off enough to say “no” and not even know why.
Key point: Rejection happens every day and is a very normal part of sales life. Salespeople just typically wear their rejections on their sleeves. Know that it is your job to craft a message so that you get the least amount of rejection possible and for some this may take time. Just like learning to ride a bike there were some that rode away their first time (by the way this is few and far between) and those who had to try for weeks. In both those groups just like in sales there were struggles and still are.
Sales rejection comes from within you along with rejection coming from your client.
There are 3 things going on here:
  1. 1. Rejection is normal and to be expected and rejoiced. That may sound strange but nobody sells 100% of the people that they are in front of because nobody has a product that fits their 100% potential client’s needs. When people reject an offer it allows the seller to redefine a presentation or questions that could be designed to help the consumer. It could have very well have been a bad day on their part and they are rejecting everything that has happened since they were put into a bad mood.
Your sales are influenced by what has happened to the person or group prior to you meeting with them. If they are already having a bad day they may just say “no” because of the history of the morning. On the other hand just before you walked in they may have received huge news to be happy for once again influencing them to say “yes” even if your presentation sucked and they should have said “no”.
As a side note you typically don’t hear of marketers yelling at their audience if their ads or marketing plan fails, yet advertisers and marketing plans fail on a daily basis. It comes down to the wrong message being delivered and the marketer knows it. As a salesperson it is your job to figure out why you were told “no” or “I wanna think about it”. Take what you have learned and implement it next time. If what you created was a failure live up to it. If you won celebrate your victories. Failures happen everyday in business. A machine in the production line may break, a email server goes down, a business goes under, an employee gets fired or you lose a sale… it happens.
You also typically do not hear sales trainers deal with rejection they just tell you “its all your objection handling” or “your lack of presentation skills”. It could be either way but take a look at other options instead of just saying internally “It’s all my fault”. Rejection can happen again depending on how you deal with the last time you were rejected.
  1. 2. The person, buyer or group may have not liked you. There is no way for you to be liked by everyone let your ego go and know that people do not like for the most insane reasons: your height, weight, hair style, your silly belt buckle, stinking breath, loud laugh, super polished shoes, type of car you drive and just about anything else there can be a bias for. No matter how much you want people to like you it’s perfectly normal for your personality, beliefs or anything else mentioned above as a reason for people to say “I wanna think about it” when they really should be saying “no” but they just do not want to hurt your feelings. Let go of the fact that you have to be liked, if your job is sales you will be liked, despised, treated indifferently, ignored, hated and loved all in the space of minutes or hours.
Know that for you to be successful you will have to have a thick skin from what is thought and said about you not just from your clients and potential clients but also your competition.
People in general know what it is like to be rejected and do not want to do the same thing to you so they may cloak what the real reason was that you were rejected. If you just think about the whole dating process everybody gets told no at least once when they ask for a number or email address. Typically society looks down on rejection and there is a certain segment of the population that roots for the underdog. The “I wanna think about it” can just be a polite way of being told no instead of the buyer having to explain exactly what they do not like or what they are scared to tell you so that you do not feel rejected.
  1. 3. Your product may not be what they need or what the person is looking for. If you sell a product and you are the most expensive in town there is the feeling that your company may have made too much money on the client. There also is that your product may not have been what the person was looking for it very well could have had too many gizmos or widgets maybe even the other way around it may not have had enough. On the other hand if your product is cheap or inferior you may not sell it for those reasons either.
There isn’t really a product out there that everybody has to have. Just look at a simple necessity like bottled water. You can have water from .50 cents a bottle all the way to $20. The bottles of water don’t care what you pick but the companies do. You just may not be a fit period. Your product may be overbuilt all the way to too cool.
What you need to know it that rejection in the sales process is perfectly normal but how you deal with it will determine your success. If you get upset and slam doors when people reject your idea or product (remember they may not be rejecting you or they could be) it could be because of their day and has nothing to do with you or your abilities even I it the best thing to solve the problems of the buyer and they know it.
Marketing plan failure can be from salespeople
Sales rejection process
To really find out if the problem is you ask for someone to come with you and observe what is going on. You can even tape your sales call or process to find out just how much of the problem is you and by the way as a reminder it can be all you as the seller and have nothing to do with the buyer. The buyer may even be reacting because you are too persuasive and may feel that you are too good at what you do. You message may have to be revamped or you may have to dial down your persona or confidence.
A good idea is to keep track of your sales process and where you are wining and where you are failing. You may just find your sales suck on Fridays because you would rather be relaxing on the weekend. That may mean that you do not work on Friday but you bust your butt the other 4 days a week on sales and on Fridays you do something that will help another segment of your business. Its also a good idea to track major events going on in your life like break ups, buying a new big product or service or even going on vacation.
As a final note you may have more influence on rejection that previously thought but remember you may have done everything right and still have people tell you know, just know that you are good enough to get up and get to the next appointment and sell it. Sales success comes from learning your process and your abilities and then working with your strengths or weaknesses to make them better.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions.
Now go implement!

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Sales success comes from being patient

Sales success comes from being able to help people in the sales process to get what they need. Typically what destroys sales faster than anything else is to not be patient with the person who is buying whatever product that you are selling. marketing plans can be destroyed when sales people are not patient.
Now this may seem simple but there is more to what you are thinking.
Now where sales failure occurs is when sales people get frustrated from a consumer asking a question that the person 1 hour ago asked. By the way the 2 people have never met. That’s right your previous client has no idea what was asked from the last person you met with.
Sales failure happens when you do not identify what should be addressed in every call but it goes deeper than that.  Normally when sales people have to deal with rejections on part of the buyer time speeds up for them. They speed through the last quarter of the call and the tempo of the call or appointment changes.  The sales person also jumps too quick at answering an objection or concern. Worst of all is when the sales person is too polished and the answer to the objection rolls off the salespersons lips before the client or potential client finishes their statement. Nothing leads to “I wanna think about it” faster than being impatient. Sales training does a great job of how to deal with objections but they normally do not teach timing very well and this is something that becomes super important. Persuasion can only work as well as it is being applied.

Sales success can come from getting your client to relax
Sales Failure happens when you are not relaxed

Key point: Much of sales comes from timing. Your timing has to be practiced and you do have to slow down so that you actually feel like you care, and by the way you should care about the people that you work for.
The sales tempo of appointment changing causes issues internal issues on part of the buyer because the sales climate is no longer comfortable. Now this isn’t something that just happens to new sales people this also happens when veteran sales people are in a slump. This also happens when a new event is going to happen and that can be as easy as going on vacation or getting something new like a car. That is because attention is divided on the part of the seller.
The 3 ways to avoid this common sales failure are:
  1. 1. Remember that as long as you are in sales you are going to get the same questions over and over again. You might as well address them before they happen. It would be a good idea to work these into a script.
  2. 2. Know that you practice and rehearse to get batter at what you do, this also means that you slow down as you practice overcoming objections. One thing to remember is to” practice as you play” or do in practice as you would do in front of your client. This means slow down and take a breath before answering any concerns.
  3. 3. The third item is to know as things change in your life you will tend to cause reactions in your sales calls. This means that you may be short with a client or potential client.  This also means that you may try to speed through sections of your presentation because you may think you already have the sale. Once again the tempo changes and is felt on part of the buyer.
You have more control of your sales call than you think. This control comes from keeping a good tempo on your call and being patient with your buyer. If that takes you looking at pictures of Hawaiian Sunsets to get you to slow down you have one here on this post. Just remember to relax and have some fun.
sales success comes from relaxing and slowing down
sales success comes from relaxing and slowing down
I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions.
Now go implement!                                                                                                                  Picture credits Freedom by Grau Razvan Ionut, Waimea Sunset By Scott Sylvan Bell