Persuasive power of video and edge rank


Persuading others or using the influence process using video is not a new process even if you are on Facebook. If you watch anything on the television or internet that is in video format you are wacthing video marketing at work. Some examples of video marketing are: 

  • ·         A cartoon
  • ·         Infomercial
  • ·         Sitcom
  • ·         The nightly news
  • ·         A commercial on television or the internet
  • ·         A YouTube video


If you have any of this information on your Facebook page and you get interation you may be increasing your edgerank.

As you are watching influence through the use of video, you are watching video marketing in process. The brain processes video easily and it is an easy format to produce with technological advances. 20 years ago it took tons of money to get a video made now with a computer and freeware you can produce a compelling video for less than $100.


Social media strategists are the experts that help guide you through the process of determining what information is relevant vs the information that is just busy work, out of play or irrelevant. Deb Cole is a front line disseminator of information that will introduce you to a new social media term that will be a guideline to follow when it comes to reaching better ranking and or getting people to your website and or social pages.


The next generation of rating on the Facebook will be Edgerank or how much interaction that your page through interaction  on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube channel or any other site where social interaction is made that can be connected to your Facebook page. So think about what your strategy will be if you have a business page or even personal page to get people to interact with you.

So why is video a compelling way to communicate with your reader or your viewer, tribe or an interested party. The reason is that it takes less effort to watch a video than it does to read it. A video can be watched or listened to and if it is compelling or funny it is easier to make it go viral than having to read information. If someone is on your page they may leave a comment or they may even share the video or picture capturing more interaction on your behalf.


Edgerank will be the term that gets used more in the coming months because it will be the indicator of how viable your information is on Facebook. Remember you will want people who land on your page or site to interact with you. That interaction can come from a few types of actions:

  • ·         Questions about the day, events or the content on your page / site
  • ·         Comments that could be considered inflammatory
  • ·         Contests
  • ·         A new idea that is revolutionary
  • ·         A review of a new product or idea
  • ·         A review of another video / website


Compelling information is what keeps people captivated and that captivation is what makes the information that is given social. Social media requires interaction and the more relevant and compelling the information is the more interaction that you will get. The more quality interaction that you get the better your Edge rank will be and with that ranking the higher that your site or page moves up in ranking.


The ultimate goal is to rank pages built on trust not just really good S.E.O. The ranking comes from the relevant interaction by likes, shares and general times people interact with you.


To the good questions so what does all of this have to do with persuading others? Everything because if you want the viable traffic to come to your site, to your page or to have Facebook belief in trusting you then the Edge rank will be ever so relevant. Remember your job is to get people to interact with you as much as possible just like you would with your friends. No interaction and Facebook says “you don’t have friends” or “the information is not relevant”.  Quality becomes far more important than quality does when it comes to persuasion and when it comes to the ranking.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Contacting Deb Cole is easy:


@coachdeb on twitter


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell

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