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Persuasive power of rituals: Being able to persuade people to make a buying decision and purchase your product means that your product must be something that the buyer will be happy with owning.


Many times you purchase something because where you shop or decide to shop has become a custom or ritual to you.


Did you do what you wanted to do or did your brain just go on autopilot?


If your brain was on autopilot was it really what you wanted or were you persuaded by a prior ritual?


When you want to learn how to sell more first you must take a look at what you do as rituals to reverse engineer your experience and why you buy when you buy it.


So to really learn how to sell you will want to take some notes and write down the most common places why you shop at the location that you end up at.


Is it the people, maybe the girls who work there are cute, maybe they know your name or maybe when you go into the location people are friendly to you.


If you own a business you will want to do something similar so that you can blueprint mental real estate.


If your mental real estate is being occupied by the salesperson, store or other buyers you will then go back to that location and purchase products and or services again.


Do you vacation in the same spot or location every time?


Is there a beach that you go to specifically watch the sun set?


Is there a restaurant that you like to go to on a Friday night where you constantly order the same thing?


Is there a place where you like to go and buy clothes every time?


Is there a coffee shop that you frequent daily even though there are ones closer?


Congratulations you have a ritual and if it can be duplicated you have a client that has a ritual. Someone has persuaded you and you have probably never even thought about it.


Once someone figures you out, they then have you as a client until either they screw up or you decide that you would like to take part in a new ritual.


Now as simplistic as this sounds most people that have businesses do not take the time to plan out how to make something like the persuasion of a ritual work for them.


Persuasive power of rituals that can work for you

So how do you use persuasion of rituals in a business plan? Mental real estate is one thing and so is the Christmas gift effect but how do you as a business owner decide what will keep people coming back to your store or office?


In a three column sheet write down why you think that people do business with you in one column and in the other column write down what your competition offers. If they offer something that you do make a note of it. Also make a note of what you wish that you had or ways that you can change or alter your business either through mental real estate or using the Christmas gift effect.


Even if what you come up with sounds silly don’t discount it you may be able to turn it into something that works well for you.


What’s fortunate for you is that most people would look at an article like this and say “yeah I have already done that in my head”. The key is to write it down and get it into your own mental real estate and then make up a business plan or marketing plan around it.


Plan out how you intend to persuade those who do business with you and it will pay off.


Persuasive power of rituals implemented

The key to all of this persuasion work is to take notes of wherever you go and if the company offers something that you think is cool you make a note of it and see if there is some way to implement what they have done so that your clients and or customers can get something similar but you are then to couple it with something that gives you the ability to hold even more mental real estate.


So you have a challenge and that is right now get your list going, In most cases people do not implement fast enough and then they forget about what they were going to do. Go back and watch the video on the Christmas gift effect and figure out how you can do the same or similar thing with your clients.

 Learn the power of persuasion and how to effectively influence others in order to sell more or even get better deals or dates here:

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the persuasion of rituals.


Now go implement


Scott Sylvan Bell


Video credits: Persuasion of rituals – Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell  

5 thoughts on “persuasive power of rituals”

  1. Hi Scott,

    How much we self-influence ourselves with where we shop and what we have programmed our unconscious mind to persuade ourselves to do on a regular basis is simply mesmerizing and fascinating to me.

    I wear Lee Rider jeans b/c they fit my body type better than Levis do since I discovered them back in High School. Periodically I will wear another kind of jean, just they fit me well. Where I buy them, I do so regularly. Which then gets me into that store for Additional Items all the time. They know how to lure me in and spend money!

    April Braswell, CHt, RH
    Hypnotherapy Huntington Beach

  2. Hi Scott,

    Mental Real Estate … great concept. Admittedly, I was one of those who would have read this article and said, “yeah, I thought about it.” Now that I’ve read this article, it is time to put the pen to paper and figure some things out. Thank you for another simple and very useful tip.

    Stay Amazing, Neil

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