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Persuasive selling skills: the 18 persuasive sales tips to know

Persuasive selling skills can boost sales

Persuasive sales skills a reason to celebrate

Persuasive selling skills have many points and theories depending on who teaches them. There a quite a few things to know but here are the top 7:
  • · People have different reasons that they buy so not every persuasion strategy or tactic will work the same with every person. This is a skill learned in the field with real people not in a book. Sometimes you will have to fail.
  • · Your appearance or lack of appearance could be costing you sales. Do you pay attention to your clothing, shoes, breath and even the type of notes you take and on what paper.
  • · Being on time is not just a good idea it is mandatory and it shows how much you care about the people that are going to see and sell.
  • · People will still tell you “no” “I wanna think about it” and give you some sort of stall or derail giving you an answer or commitment no matter how good you are.
  • · If you want to get to the top of your industry you will have to sacrifice some time and money to grow. Your skills don’t just happen because you have studied the persuasive sales styles.
  • · Your nonverbal communication or body language is just as important as the words that you say. What you could be saying from your mouth may not match up with the words.
  • · People buy for reasons that are not your own, this is why you must ask questions and not assume that everybody wants the same cool mega widget. Sometimes the most important questions are the ones that you do not want to ask.
  • · To persuade people better you have to be able to sell in a relaxed state. If you are frustrated more than likely your ability to persuade will be not as effective as it could be.
  • · Sales slumps are perfectly normal in every industry, what matters is how you identify when are where they are coming from.
  • · Statistically you will have a run where you cannot be stopped and then you will have times where you can’t give your product away for free, just like a sales slump it is common.
  • · Learning to be uncomfortable in situations make your ability to persuade better.
  • · People complaining about you or even canceling sales is also common even when you are the best at what you do. Remember not everybody buys or sales the same way that you do and it may offend them… get over it. Sales failure does not happen just because of a few cancelations.
  • · Building rapport is important but you can go overboard and become a “friend” where it is easy to be told no. There is a fine line between rapport and losing the sale. Get in, get what you need to have done, get the paperwork done, cuddle a little or hold hands and then leave.
  • · Sales success happens from doing the same thing over and over again in the right sequence and with the right attitude.
  • · Confidence in yourself and or abilities can be seen from your clients and or potential clients. Do whatever you can do to keep your confidence up. Do something you are great at every day to remind yourself you do have abilities especially when in a sales slump.
  • · Sales tips can be learned from not just great sales people but also from not so good sales people. You can always learn something to do or even something not to do and it doesn’t have to be from your industry.
  • · There is no secret sauce or sales formula that instantly increases your sales, it all takes hard work. You will have to stick to a discipline and learn one way of selling before you try to combine beliefs. Sales recipes happen over time.
Persuasive selling skills can increase your cash flow

18 selling tips using persuasive selling skills

To say that learning persuasive selling skills in a checklist format is like saying that you can be a black belt in Karate from watching a MMA fight.
Your sales skills are always an evolution of what you do and have learned until today or right now. This also means that you will have to try new sales techniques at the right time. The best way is to try a few new sales techniques is to have them sprinkled into your sales while you are doing well and not when you are in a sales slump.
Persuasive sales skills are great to learn and master but they do take time to learn. Frustration is what gets non committed sales people to go back and work at the coffee shop.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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7 comments to Persuasive selling skills: the 18 persuasive sales tips to know

  • 18? Not 10 or 20? Interesting number but they are ALL good ones…I especially liked your line..”Frustration is what gets non-committed sales people to go back and work at the coffee shop”…or we use to say, at the Winn-Dixie!
    Sonya Lenzo

  • Big number of invaluable tips there Scott . My old boss saw me the other day and told me a great opening line with customers . He always asks people ” what do you need today ” . He told me it seems to create conversation , rather than a brush off . Have a go at implementing that one .

  • Kevin Bettencourt

    Awesome list. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow this for my morning meet up.

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  • Very good summary of how to realistically approach sales success.

    Dewayne’s Digital Photography Corner

  • Clare Delaney

    Great summary of very powerful points, tips and sales techniques.
    Thanks Scott!

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  • Hi Scott,

    These 18 persuasive sales times on influence and selling skills are not only an excellent checklist for any sales professional, but that is like an excellent TOC for Scott’s Street Smart Selling Strategies: Tales from the trenches of selling successfully door-to-door from the top HVAC salesman in the US.

    When are you coming out with that again? I know it’s in process. Has your publisher given you a publish date yet?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  • Jessica Watson

    Really great insight and pointers. I especially think that finding a comfort level, building relationships, and establishing a daily routine should not be undervalued. I had to handle with sales issues as well. A comfort level must be established and online coaching has really helped me out a lot, to feel and project confidence. I have learned all about the most essential sales skills and discussed selling more by embracing a weakness. Knowing how to sell is a vital ingredient for marketing success. In simple terms, effective sales and negotiation techniques blend talking to the right people – and listening hard to find out what they want to buy. Once you’ve got both those elements, you can close the deal to mutual benefit. Through those tips and many more good advices I got from my personal coach (for who might be interested: Your24hCoach) I got the confidence I needed to transmit the theory explained in this article into real action and proof in daily life.

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