Persuasive selling skill to master, be on time

Persuasive selling skills are acquired over time but this first sales strategy or sales technique is to be on time. There is nothing worse for you as a sales person to be late to your appointments. It just says to your potential client that you are lazy, even if you are not. It also says that you cannot be reliable. There are many successful business people that will not keep an appointment with a late salesperson or company and they have good reason. First off being late is disrespectful.
It doesn’t matter the excuse, many times sales people are late because they just hope things work out. Hope is a sales strategy that further down the road leads to sales failure.
persuasive selling ability, being on time is a must to learn
Persuasive selling skill - being on time
If you are a salesperson who is consistently late everywhere your competition does not have to work as hard. Who knows maybe the reason that you heard “I wanna think about it” had nothing to do with your product or presentation but everything to do with you being on time.
Now you may think that something like this would not have to be said but it does. John Wooden the famous college basketball coach on the first basketball practice of every year would teach the entering freshmen how to tie their shoes. Should tying shoes been taught as a basic fundamental? Yes, it is an important basic fundamental, but what if nobody ever showed them how and he just assumed that they knew how to perform such an easy task. What if nobody told you to be on time for your sales calls?
The same goes for sales. As Anthony Robbins says “There are only so many fundamentals”. This is the same for sales and sales training. For you to learn persuasive selling skills you must master the basics first. Many times sales people hit sales slumps because they take new ideas over basic sales strategies or sales tactics that have in the past worked as a nice sales formula and tried to skip the process.
If you are going to master how to increase sales it only makes sense to master the basic building block of sales.  Being on time and showing respect not only to your potential client but also the company that you work for is an absolute must. Building trust in sales holds that you must follow the basics and if you are going to have sales success the basics of sales must be followed.
Sales failure happens when you are not on time
Sales success comes from being on time
When sales people hit a sales slump many bad sales habits become magnified as to what they have been doing wrong or have to potential to do wrong. As a struggling sales person they do not want to go to the sales call because they may be told “No” so they straggle in late and then get told no because they were lacking in confidence and their persona showed it along with being late. You may have to become great at overcoming sales objections in your career but you should be able to read a watch.
For you to increase your sales there is a certain level of commitment that you must have. There is also a list of things that you must commit to doing and being on time must be one of those top priorities. If you are going to be seen as great at what you do or even want to become a sales guru you may find that this element of sales is a great one to master.
The persuasive selling skill of being on time may sound too small but it is usually the small things that make or break the sale for you. To influence others you must have the self-discipline to make that happen.
Persuasive selling abilities are not just something most people are born with they are learned and fine-tuned over time.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions or comments.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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11 thoughts on “Persuasive selling skill to master, be on time”

  1. Hi Scott,

    In fact I was 45 minutes early for my sales appointment today. Every knows their metro area and their territory traffic issues and patterns. And if they don’t they should. It’s their job as a sales person to know and become familiar with those. So if you know getting across Las Vegas there is always traffic and construction, then plan accordingly. By being quite early, I actually got to interact with the front office reception lady who was very helpful and also one of the icons of the office. Of course I was gracious with her as well. And how terribly important and vital her role was in the organization by being around and seeing that. I made a point to get her name and thank her. Now, I don’t know for sure and for certain that THAT made all the difference in my closing the deal today (negotiated it, yup, thank you very much for your post on that), but I know when the Director brought up the people in her role I knew personally from just even my 15 minutes of observation how much that lady knew about the real needs of the customers by serving on the front lines. So, I was respectful about her with the Director as well. It might just sowing of seed to be gracious. But I really do believe that even if she were never to say a THING to the Director about that I was well-behaved with her, I believe it matters. For what we sow – being timely, considerate, and gracious – we will surely reap – customers who appreciate being valued.

    What are your thoughts about how we treat the front line worker bees? Gate Keepers. Exec Assistants. Office Managers. Receptionists. I’d love it if you addressed that in a future post, Scott, when you have the time.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  2. Doesn’t if you are talking to the office girl or office cleaner , you treat everyone with respect . I treat our shop cleaners and our local Mayor exactly the same when dealing with them . You get very approachable this way , and the positives are well worth it . Keeps you grounded as well .

  3. I find that in places like Los Angeles, it’s hard to be on time all the time. With traffic and everything. So I like to Schedule my appointments in a manner so that I always am on time. This takes some doing, but works for me!

  4. I often liken hitting all the basic stuff like being on time as a sports team that doesn’t make mistakes. They don’t have to be good at anything from that point and still be better than half the teams in their league. Also, if they do one thing above and beyond the basics they will be better than 75% of the teams.

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  5. My brother teaches seminars and he always starts right on time even if not all registered people are present. He makes a point of saying to those who were on time, “I start my seminars right on time. I respect you for making it here on time, and will not waste your time.” I always thought that was very cool of him and now you have confirmed his philosophy.


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