Persuasive sales skill: Increase your sales by mirroring people

Persuasive selling skills require that you learn more than just selling techniques or hard core one line closes. Persuasive selling skills base much of the abilities on psychology and take some effort to learn.
As the story goes either physiologist Vittorio Gallese or Leo Fogassi of the Rizzolatti research team were working with Macaque monkeys researching the premotor cortex as an area that they labeled f5. This area of the brain deals with motor functions and skills.
One of the researchers was in the lab and was eating food possibly ice cream or something similar while one of the research monkeys was still hooked up to the research machines and either of the researchers reached for the food and it triggered the area of the brain of the monkey as if he or she was doing the exact same thing. The researchers came up with the mane of mirror neurons to label this part of the brain.
The result of the eating mishap was that the researchers found that monkeys and then people see themselves doing what you do to some degree or another.
Now you may understand why when you have met with someone man or woman and just felt like you clicked? It just seemed so natural and perfect and then you couldn’t understand why?
On the opposite you have met with a client or a date and then all of the sudden BAM! everything fell apart and then you were left scratching your head wondering how everything fell apart, or if you have ever walked into a conversation and all of the sudden it seemed awkward? That’s because the brain has no context of the situation. No context of the situation creates confusion and then disorder or even confusion.
Mirroring is a way to increase persuasive selling abilities
Persuasive selling abilities include mirroring
Chances were you were connected through what psychologists call synchronicity because you have triggered the mirror neurons much like the researchers with the ice cream. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) the mirroring of another person would be defined as pacing or leading
Now what in the world does this have to do with sales? That would be everything.
If you believe that people buy from someone that they like and trust this means everything.
When people buy a product except in instances of extreme emergency your non verbal communication or body language can either put people at ease or set them off so that they say “I wanna think about it” which really means “no”.
If you were to need to pick up a few sales tips or ways to increase your sales abilities here are a few things that you can to do, watch what the opposite person is doing and start to follow their actions. This includes:
  • Their pace of speech and volume of their voice
  • Their posture or how they are standing or sitting
  • Their breathing pattern
  • Their positive actions like smiling or laughing
  • Their negative actions like frowns
Persuasive selling skills are psychological sometimes
How to increase your sales through persuasive sales skills
This may sound odd or even like a whole bunch of things to do all at one time but with practice it gets much easier. Best of all it sets the person you are with at ease and makes them more comfortable. Once they as a buyer are more comfortable with you it makes it easier for them to like you then trust you. In the end that should equal that they would buy form you.
Ah but yes you can screw this all up really easily. One of the many reasons that you should practice what you do in your sales call. Your job is to start off by doing the following covertly. This means that you do not just do everything exactly the second that the other person does their action. You follow a few seconds later.
What other things can you do with this information to increase you sales?
  • Nod yes when you want someone to do something as you are asking them to.
  • Nod no when you don’t want someone to do  something as you are asking them to
  • Move in a direction that you would like the person to go
Here is a super-secret sales tip for you modeling could include you making the gesture like you were signing the paperwork after you ask for the agreement to be authorized.
By learning some of the base information in psychology you can start to add layers to your sales process. Each bit of information layers onto then next for you to learn how to make more sales. This learning of layering is something that takes time and may not be learned from just reading a book. This process does take commitment to learn and implement.
Your homework is to figure out something that you can do where your client or potential client can follow you in an action that will result ultimately with you making the sale.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comment or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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  1. Hi Scott,

    when people invest their time in learning the persuasive body language skill of mirroring, they will be more effective in all matters of selling and influence. When you mirror someone’s body language, it fosters a feeling of rapport, safety, and connection between the two of you. I can always tell when I’m in sync with my clients when our body language is softly mirroring each other’s gestures. It’s mesmerizing the sense of connection it can create between two people to do so.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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