Persuade with the Chirstmas gift effect


Christmas gift effect: For some people buying decisions are easy to make while for some the difficultly not only arises prior to purchasing the product but also after.


There is always the questions for some after a purchase “Did I make the right decision”. During the sales process this back and forth in the brain is called oscillation.


Now what if there were a way to deal with the afterthoughts of oscillation but also give a sort of elegance and surprise for your buyers as well. This can help take up some of the mental real estate needed after the sale in order to keep the client happy.


Christmas gift effect and how to sell more

The Christmas gift effect is what may help change the way people think after they make a buying decision. You would need to package your product similar to Louis Voitton has done with the tie in the video or the way that the Champaca absolute by Tom Ford has been prepared by the employees by Nieman Marcus.


In these examples both companies have taken the time to make their display of their product when in the home perfect in order to fulfill the Christmas gift effect. The materials used to make the boxes are not just cheap cardboard it is monogrammed and thick stock, the boxes normally are embossed with gold coloring and the print on the packaging is top notch, the product is always rewrapped with tissue paper and there is an extra sticker put on the product where the tissue paper has to be broken to reopen the package once again.


So how do you make the Christmas Gift effect to work for you and your product and even how to sell more?


What happens when your client signs your agreement and they just get the paperwork or worse yet just one sheet after they have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars?


Where is the nice package for it, where is the item that makes them feel special or like a hero for purchasing your product?


What management course teaches something like this?


None because Professors don’t understand how the Christmas gift effect works nor do they understand mental real estate they understand theory possibly of buyer psychology but not really.


Why does all of this matter and how does it fit into mental real estate?


…. Because you need your client to feel special after they make the purchase from you. This helps them not have regret for the product that they just bought.


So what builds the regret with purchasing the product or service that you offer?


Not allowing the client to feel special and especially not making them feel like a hero.


Christmas gift effect example for persuasion:

Is it $195 for the cologne bottle of Tom Ford Champaca Absolute? No its $195 for a bottle of scent + for the tissue paper, the sticker, the packaging with thick textured cardboard … oh and the feeling when it gets unwrapped again almost like “I just got a gift for Christmas”. It’s the felling once the package gets home and gets reopened. It’s the reassuring feeling that it’s cool but special all at the same time. It’s the reassuring feeling that not every store wraps their product like “I just got”.


What happens when you normally buy a bottle of cologne or perfume and pay $70? A thin cheap cardboard box and a bottle in a plastic bag?


Is it cool?


Sure it is but did it make you feel special when you pulled it out of the bag once you got it home?  


Christmas gift effect and feeling special

How do you make your client feel special?


That’s up to you and how you repackage your material and or product.


How will you recreate the Christmas gift effect for your client?


You will first need to design a way to make them feel special so that they feel like they made a good decision.


This doesn’t mean that you overcharge for your products and or services and then deliver crap, that will never work and word will spread quickly.


This process takes some time and effort to make happen but what is your competition thinking?


Did they take the time to make their client feel like a hero or did they feel like a chump after paying for the product and or service because they just got a piece of paper.


How did you decide to take up some of your clients mental real estate?


Take some time and plan out how you will design your product or service so that when the client second guesses what they have done they feel like they won.  


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about the Christmas gift effect.


Learn how to persuade and influence like an expert here:


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


:Video credit – Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell – Persuasion and the Christmas gift effect.

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