How to sell more: Believe in your product or service

How to sell: One of the normal issues that salespeople have is something that stops them from reaching their sales potential. It does not matter their sales skills or their ability to overcome objections there are just some salespeople born with a plague that eventually hurts them.


It may seem strange that a salesperson would not think that what they have to offer is worth what they are charging but it does happen quite often. For some strange reason salespeople feel that they are charging too much for the service or the product that they offer.


For some salespeople the feeling that the product or service is just too much may possibly mean that they are in the wrong line or service. Many times salespeople will sell how they buy and this does create a problem or challenge. This may even mean that they should not be in sales.


In some instances sales people will discount the product to feel better about what they sell to get it closer to the competitors prices. This doesn’t do well for their sales or for the company that they work. This also means that they as a salesperson do not believe in what they do.


You are right this doesn’t make any sense that a salesperson would not believe in the service or the product that they sell.


One of the things that will help you is to write down:

  • ·         All of the reasons why you work were you do
  • ·         What your company really does differently than what the competition sells.
  • ·         Why people should buy from you


Every sales person has a down day and it doesn’t matter the industry or even the product or service that they sell.


There are so many reasons that sales people fail and not recognizing what they do or what they sell is one of them.


Another offshoot of this destructive selling process or spiral to sales failure happens when the salesperson pushes what they would buy instead of helping their potential client with what they really need. This salesperson may think that they are helping out sometimes by just selling whatever product is the least amount. This keeps their sales up on paper but in all realities they are just spinning their wheels.


This period may be the breaking point for a salesperson and hopefully they can find a person or a coach that is willing to teach them how to sell with persuasive selling skills or techniques. If you are in a sales situation and the above describes you, there is still time to fix your sales failure problems it just takes time and it is not an immediate process.

Whatever you do sell has a value to it and so does what you know. Sales slumps are like the seasons they come and go.


Just remember to take your time and slow down, typically when salespeople hit a slump they speed up.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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