How to avoid this common and costly sales mistake

Sales people new and old will get caught in this sales trap and that is the issue of prejudging a potential client. To make it more simple there are a few reasons why people do this.

  • · Just a common mistake
  • · In a sales slump and trying to get to the next call
  • · Ignorance

It is very difficult to look at someone and know everything about them including why they buy or what they can afford, or what features they will find important.

How to avoid this easy sales mistake
A common sales mistake is prejudging the buyer

Some common things that sales people will say is I can tell the guy or girl was just a shopper. Really without asking specific questions how in the world would you know that?  If the person was a shopper how come the right engagement didn’t happen to reel the person in?

The next answer: Oh that person just was looking for cheap. Ok That very well may have been but was the question asked: Is low price the only thing you want out of this product or service.

Pre judging your potential clients can happen in a few ways and this even applies to business sales:

  1. 1. How much money (Cash) they do or do not have to pay for your product.
  2. 2. How much credit that they have available to buy your product and or service.
  3. 3. What type of product or service that they would be interested in just by looking at them.
  4. 4. How they plan on paying for your product and or service

All of these sales mistakes are common even from seasoned sales people. You may be able to guess about some of the reasons or priorities that someone may have but in the end if you project that the buyer will act a certain way they just may.

In order for you to make the best of your sales abilities the best thing to do is engage your potential client by asking the questions that are required. The next step would be to use your influence and persuasion abilities to get you closer to the sale. Not all sales techniques work to get people to move forward and even with the best sales training people will still say “I wanna think about it”.

If you find yourself prejudging your potential clients remember to slow down your sales process and remember that you may just be wrong and the next sales guy will not be. In sales you are an entrepreneur and that means that you will have to be creative to get people to move forward and buy your product or service. This quick step of “How to increase your sales” should be easy to follow and implement.

Most sales failure occurs from sales people rushing through sales calls either to get to the next appointment or because the sales person thinks that the person they are with is not really someone who is going to buy. Sales success happens when a masterful presentation is done after a need or want is uncovered along with a commitment for a decision before doing the presentation.

You can have all of the best sales tips in your library, all of the selling skills known to man, the best sales techniques but if your prejudge your potential client it is a sales mistake that will cost you. It’s easy to take notes on this article just remember slow down, be patient and ask the right questions then judge your potential client.

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How to increase your sales with one

As always I would like to thank you for your responses and questions down below.

Now go implement!

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12 thoughts on “How to avoid this common and costly sales mistake”

  1. You make an excellent point about the common and costly sales mistake of pre-judging people. I have a friend who is a millionaire but he still dresses like he makes $30,000 a year. He often gets pre-judged by sales people because of his appearance. Imagine all the sales he has given to salespeople who didn’t prejudge him!


  2. Funny.
    I travel a lot by myself so sometimes I am in jeans and t shirt.
    People typically think, “he’s got no money.” Those exact situations
    when I am “dressed,” typically the opposite occurs and service
    is excellent.

    Sadly, I tip or stay in a “line” only so long. If I’ve been
    prejudged as broke…I often just leave and go do business elsewhere.

    Scott, thanks for an amazing blog. You give away more than most people
    sell for a high price. Hope you write a book.

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