How to increase sales realtionships

How to increase your sales: Learning how to sell more is a long term experience. Great salespeople learn about the subjects of:

  • ·         Persuasion
  • ·         Influence
  • ·         Body language
  • ·         Communication
  • ·         Negotiation
  • ·         Questioning


There are plenty of courses for the sales items listed above along with piles of books, dvd’s, cd’s and or websites.


In the arena of sales there are plenty of opinions and while some of them are fantastic some of them are bad ideas.  



Learning how to increase sales may come from using an outside source from the same medias but from a different category.


One of the biggest area that sales people struggle is in that or relationships. Some of the best books to read to get better at sales are not sales books but books on relationships.


Now this may possibly sound strange to you at first but if you think about it this way your job is to build a relationship when you are selling a product and or service.


The sales book that teach you how to acquire more clients, sales techniques, sales abilities, sales techniques, closing skills and even the sales basics normally leave out relationships.


Now there are plenty of men in the field selling their products and or services every day and they could increase their sales if they would focus on building relationships.


Now a light bulb may have just gone off in your head whether you are a professional persuader or not. The reason may be the last sales person that you met with or if you are in sales you may not have thought about the relationship process as being important. Some sales trainers will shortly touch on the importance of building the relationship though rapport but sometimes that is not enough.


Now there are plenty of books on relationships and some are better than others. This is all from your perspective. If you go to and just look through some of the top books and chose what will work best for you.


If you are in a relationship or even want to be in one a fantastic book is: The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman is a good place to start.


Sometimes when salespeople want to influence others they get so stuck on the techniques and strategies they forget the human factor of the “relationship”. As mentioned previously this is deeper than the idea or thought of rapport.


Put this thought in another perspective: Have you ever been taken for granted? Maybe the person who put you in this bad place did a great job of building rapport and trust but when it was time for the relationship they were not there. That is not a good place for a persuader or client to be in. Being taken for granted isn’t a good place for anyone.  


People will do business with you when they feel special or when they “feel like the hero”, when they trust you and believe they you have their best interest at heart that is where the golden goose of sales is because you can then get referrals from the person.


Do you want to be different in the sales process?


Learn how to build relatiohsips.


You may find that the other companies, competition, vendors and or other salespeople have a tough time not just taking your clients away but the loved ones in your life also.


Relationships are great but in order to persuade others better you will need next level techniques and you can get them here:


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions on How to increase your sales relationships.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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