Persuasive negotiation strategy

Persuasive negotiation and discounting: If you are in sales there are plenty of opportunities to learn from the people that you buy from and every transaction that you make. Many times the people you work with ask for a discount or a concession and then there are times that some buyers do not ask for either. So what is your negotiation strategy when the potential client asks for a discount off of your price?


That’s right have you thought up front about what your persuasive negotiation strategy is?


Now most of the time sales people or even those who persuade like an expert have the buyer ask for a discount or a concession on the price.


A standard discount for some is to use a set percentage but that may be a mistake. The reason using a standard discount may be a problem is because it seems too thought out and it also looks like it’s a standard. Because the discount seems standard can trigger some issues in the mind of a buyer and that creates issues for you.


If you telegraph what you do or what your “play” is the buyer knows what you are up to and then because of that they know how to play you or take your ability to negotiate out.




Now if you are in sales the chances are good you are paid on commissions and your job is to persuade effectively so that you make the most out of each transaction and bring the most back to your company.


Persuasive negotiating like and an expert

The problem and challenge of using a set flat percentage like 5% is that for one it may seem like it’s too large of a number to take off of a product and or service. If there is an exact 5% there is a chance for another flat 5% and that is where your problem is.  


When you use a number or percentage that is less you have a chance of not having the buyer think that there is another flat rate discount or negotiation round to go through. Now that most volleys or going back and forth for an item usually go through 3 rounds, sometimes more and then sometimes less.


So once again what is your strategy for working around the flat percentage rate along with not giving up too much money for your product, service and or company the company that you work for? Or in another way what type of discounts will you work out in advance so that you know what you are up against.


Now if 5% is too much of a discount and it doesn’t seem like your prices are tight just how much can you discount and still seem like it is enough for the buyer to move forward?


The answer is anything less than 5% but with a fraction added to the number.


So you may choose something like 4.37% because it sounds and is more exact.


Now you also have a few more things going for you when you must work out some details with the buyer. If you have an exact number like 4.37% to work with then if you need to go through a next round of negotiation to get the buyer to move forward you can choose a next percentage like 3.12%. If you have the need to go through a third go round of negotiation then the next number or multiplier that you would  be able to use like .89% .


Persuasive power of getting agreements

No matter what type of product or service that you sell or provide if you are going through negotiations its best to secure that you are going to get a decision for doing so. Now this may sound like it’s a basic item that should not need to be covered but it is. You must always secure a decision that you will get a “yes” or “no” so that the buyer doesn’t give you the “I wanna think about it” funny business or use an excuse of having to talk to someone.


In order to make sure that you get the commitment up front you have to explain the terms of you negotiating the price and or concessions. Having a person answer with “I will get back to you” should have been discussed before and should not be an acceptable answer.


Persuasive negotiating and dangers  

Now any time that you work out a persuasive negotiation strategy in advance there are a few dangers:

  • ·         The persuasive negotiation doesn’t feel real so it doesn’t work
  • ·         The persuasive negotiation is too complicated so it doesn’t work


When you work with others in a business setting if you seem too polished you will build automatic resistance against you and your message. The setting mist be comfortable in order to make this process work.


Now when the sales process or negotiations are too complicated it’s difficult to be flexible and  make the necessary considerations that you could do if things were a bit easier.


In order for your persuasive negotiations to be effective you will have to work the numbers out a few times. Beside having a routine number for discounts you may want to have items that you can throw in as part of what you do instead of discounting possibly upgrades but once again get your commitments up front while you still have some power.


Learning how to persuade others takes time and planning but you also need the right tool to learn the principals of influence.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about persuasive negotiating.




Now go implement!





Scott Sylvan Bell







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How to sell more: learn negotiation sales skills part 2

How to sell more: learn how to negotiate better part 2

How to sell more: learn how to negotiate better part 1

When you are against buyers who know about negotiating it may be difficult for you to know how to sell if you have not had good sales training.


The biggest ploy that a buyer can have is to act like they do not care about what is going on. The less they care the more you have to work to get the sell.


If you are going to learn how to sell more you will have to be able to identify what games buyers are playing. These games can be frustrating if you do not understand what the buyer is up to.


How to sell more using persuasive selling skills
How to sell more and negotiate better


How to sell more: Get the answers that you need.

One of the hardest things for salespeople to do is when to know if they should walk away from a sale. When a buyer will not answer your questions or plays coy just about the only thing you can do it set the person straight about what you are there for. If the buyer will not work with you the best thing that you can do is walk away. Your ability to walk away could be one of the most underrated persuasive selling skills that is not utilized enough. This sales strategy works the best when the buyer has called on you.  


One of the toughest items to get out of a buyer is their budget. Without this information they can maneuver at the end and play all sorts of games by saying that what you have designed is not to the specifications that they want. You have no ability to lock anything in without a budget or information on the project as for you to design the product or service. The more that they are vague about what they want the more they get to squirm out of agreements. If you do not ask the right questions here you will not have the right amount of agreement at the end when you need the leverage.


Persuasive selling skills require you to ask the difficult questions including:

  • ·         Budget
  • ·         Timeframe specifications
  • ·         Who is involved in the decision
  • ·         What it is that they want


How to sell more: Keep your momentum

When it comes to experienced buyers one of the toughest games that can be played on not just new salespeople but also salespeople that have been out in the field for a while is when they are not allowed to keep a momentum going. This dreadful task can be done in a few ways:

  • ·         Asking questions out of order
  • ·         Constantly moving the location of where the meeting is taking place during the meeting
  • ·         Interrupting the meeting by leaving or answering a phone call
  • ·         Giving you an unrealistic time constraint for the meeting

If a buyer can break the momentum or pace of your sales call they can destroy your presentation. This happens often if there are multiple people out to talk about the product or service and the buyer has gathered a bunch of information that could be right or wrong. It’s not uncommon for buyers to gather all the information they need from the sources and then shop on price. If you are good at what you offer chances are your product is not cheap. Getting used and abused by a buyer sucks and leaves you wishing that you would have remembered your persuasive selling skills training.


When a buyer breaks your meeting up by moving you through different locations it is tough for most salespeople to gather their thoughts from being thrown off balance. This may be similar to a buyer leaving your presentation or constantly interrupting what you are doing. The constant changes require a salesperson to know their services and scripting well enough to tackle this buyer and then use persuasive selling skills and talents.


There are salespeople who have been bitten by buyers who give unrealistic time constraints when it comes to how long is allowed for a presentation. They may start out by saying “lets cut to the chase, how much is your product or service going to be. I have a vendor who get my widgets for $75 each so what can you do”? If you do not know how to reverse the situation in the right way you will fall for this trap. Learn how to reverse on the buyer at this point and you can beat them at their own game.


How to sell more using persuasive selling skills and techniques
How to sell more and negotiate better


How to sell and deal with end game ploys

Has this ever happened to you?


You meet with a buyer and you do everything you are supposed to, you get the answers that you need, you know what product will fit their specifications and even got the agreements and confirmations you needed up front and then…


You are just about to roll out your perfect solution ..


And then they say “can you just email me the information”?


And you say “sure”


That sucks… They knew what they were up to and you are about to find out.


Either the buyer is scared to tell you no or they are scared that you will have a solution to their problem and they know that they are going to buy.


This is a huge revelation about how people will play games when they negotiate. Know that this has been done to destroy your momentum and may be used with other ploys or may be used as a standalone sales game. Any time a buyer can break your momentum your chances or regaining the sales without discounts or other concessions will be difficult to say the least.


If you email the proposal good luck ever being able to close the call with ease, you have just become a commodity and have nothing left and the buyer who is negotiating the product or service knows it. Find out up front how they make their buying decision and get your confirmation of what will be done early not late.


If you have implemented your persuasive sales skills you will ignore their request and keep going or leave without giving them their information. In some instances this buyer already had a vendor in mind and they were just confirming their purchase by gathering your information. You had better get everything that you need out of this call or be bold enough to call the buyer out on their b.s. and you may even have to walk away.


Don’t put up with people playing games with your time especially if they are after free information and never plan on doing business with you.


The last on the list is when there is an unrealistic amount of last minute demands or items that need to be thrown in because that is what it is going to take to sell the job. You will have to check before you roll your price that you have designed what the buyer needs and get confirmation that is all that is wanted. The roll your price after you have the proper commitment.


Learn the proper ways to influence others and gain expert sales skills at the same time.


As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about how to sell more when others negotiate against you.


Now go implement!


Scott Sylvan Bell


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Persuasive sales skill: Knowing good and bad goals

Persuasion sales skills are not always what you think they may be. Many times you must persuade yourself before you can make sales. Sales people can only live up to their internal representations of themselves. That means that a salesperosn can only sell the ammount of product that they think they can no more and no less.

Persuaive sales skills are important but so are sales goals
Increasing your sales can come from persuaive sales skills

One common mistake sales people make is to compare one year of sales to the next or the month of last year to this year’s month. While it is a perfectly good idea to have goals and track your numbers there are items that will drive you absolutely insane. Judging your performance in the wrong way is one of them.

You must set goals and live by them to make more sales; it’s almost like your own persuasive sales internal computer. Once the computer is continuously updated it will most certainly run that computer program. When comparing one year to another too hard it creates frustration. When it comes to sales frustration can be defined as not knowing the next step.  If a salesperson does not know the next step it creates confusion. The confusion then somewhat drops self-confidence or completely drops the self-confidence. When the self-confidence drops sales drop.

In a way focusing too hard on previous years or goals from those years defeats the purpose of setting new goals. In sales you can have just insane months and sell more in two weeks than you have in 2 months. That sales momentum can carry you just like a sales drought can lead to a longer sales slump. Yes it is important to have consistent goals to move forward. But to be focused on last year’s previous performance does not work.

Business has changed more in the last few years than it has in the last few decades.  This means sales has also had to change. The way that you as a salesperson has to deal with your clients, potential clients, vendors and even the competition. It has always been this way but with the affairs of the world the process has just been sped up.

You can make more sales if you increase your persuasive selling abilities
Persuasive selling abilities can help your sales

Many sales positions have also changed for the job description compared to what they were even just last year, many poor skilled sales people have had to lead the field. Every industry changes over time and that means that a sales persons job will change continuously. Its not a good thing to see people lose jobs but it is good to see salespeople who are not prepared to do their job out of the way.

Bad salespeople do a few things in your industry:

  • · they can sales too low to make sales
  • · explain things the wrong way and create problems with understanding for your clients and or potential clients
  • · Misrepresent products  just beyond confusion to an item or service
  • · May not understand the marketplace

If you really want to find out just how good you are at persuasive sales skills having to deal with other sales people in your industry that would be considered equal skill will fulfill that knowledge area. If you really want to improve your sales skills you may want to find out where to top sales people learned from or who they studied with. They may have had a great teacher or they just may be a naturally talented sales person.

Sales success is really defined by you and must be defined by you and your actions along with your motives including how you set your goals will define that. If you want to learn how to increase your sales you may find answers that you didn’t expect in the first place. Setting goals is an awesome thing to do. Focusing too far into the past does not change the present.

Sales gurus have always advocated the power of setting goals and will continue to. Your sales recipe or sales success formula has a few items to make the entire good:

  • · Your skills that you have acquired over time
  • · Your set goals with flexibility to change what is needed as strategies or tactics
  • · The education that you have received in persuasive selling techniques, negotiating
  • · The knowledge you have of your field or industry
  • · You mental toughness when it comes to good or bad (Too much good times can create lazy sales people)
  • · Your appearance and over all persona about you
  • · The work ethic that you have (are you willing to do more than others)
  • · Your flexibility as a salesperson to work with others
  • · Your mental state and self-image internally (overall self-confidence in your business and personal lie )
  • · The people around you that influence your daily decisions

These are not all of the items that would need to be used as the recipe to increase sales or hold them where they are now. Just remember that your industry will keep changing and that goal setting is important for you in increase your sales. You will have more challenges in the future the question is how will you prepare for that time when the changes happen. Focus on today and the future not the past because you cannot go back and relive it.

Most times the toughest person to persuade is yourself and that means sometimes you must use your persuasive selling abilities internally.

As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

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Persuasive selling skill and ability you need to know – Negotiating

Negotiating is part of persuasive selling skills
Increase your persuasive selling skills powers
Persuasive selling skills are needed in today’s business climate. One of the most important skills that you can acquire would be that of negotiating. For some that word instantly sends chills down their spine because it is something that they are uncomfortable with. Your sales success is determined by what persuasive selling skill you have, your sales failure is determined by what you are not willing to learn or do.
It is surprising how many sales people have not even read a book on negotiating or even taken a class because they are scared of it or they do not think that they need it as a selling skill. You may also be suppressed at how easy it is learn this sales technique or persuasive selling skill.
To take this sales challenge that will improve your sales skills you will need a few things:
  • · A few hours on an early Saturday morning
  • · About $20 in cash in single bills, quarters and even some dimes
  • · A willing attitude to have some fun and learn
  • · A car for travel to a nearby neighborhood
How to increase your persuasive selling skills
Increase you persuasive selling skills with an easy step
Your sales mission or adventure is to go to yard sales or garage sales or even flea markets, yes you read that right yard sales and or flea markets. You are then to find random items that you find interesting or even have no attraction to. You are then to see what you can buy these products for. Just know that whatever is asked for by the seller for the first price you cannot pay. You must negotiate even if you ask “what can you do better than that” this will get you out of your comfort zone. You may find that this is fun but you will also find that this barter process is normal. Pay attention to how people react not just with their body language but also their voice. Now this can be the others around you buying these unique products but also the person who is selling. You may also find a new way to overcome sales objections by being patient with the sales process.
Take your time and be patient and have some fun while on this sales mission. First off you never know what kind of cool stuff you can pick up. This project is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. You also get some added benefit you will not just see what buyers of your products go through when buying a product but you may also learn how they feel which is just as important. Your persuasive selling skills are dependent upon learning as many sales skills as possible especially how people react to their feelings. Your ability to effectively communicate with others also depends on this skill to know when they are for real and they have a real concern or if they are bluffing. If you have learned how to bend when needed and flex when appropriate will increase your sales and may just learn how to build trust in a new way.
So what do you have to lose by going through this process or sales challenge? A Saturday morning and about $20 or less and a little gas money
What do you have to gain for this persuasive selling skills adventure, some ways to beat sales rejection, some ways to increase your sales skills and by the way you would be surprised at what you would find in some of your neighbors garages. What do you have to lose by not trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone… everything.
For you to learn how to increase your sales you may have to use some unconventional methods and going to garage sales may just fit the bill. This may sound strange but for one it can be fun and two you get to meet some of your neighbors while increasing your persuasive selling skills and abilities.
Sometimes to learn you have to take small steps to learn new skills. This may be one of those times where you learn from small purchases and deal with some uncomfortable moments. This sales adventure is it cheesy…. yes, fun…. possibly, necessary…. or of course.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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