Persuasive selling skill to master, be on time

Persuasive selling skills are acquired over time but this first sales strategy or sales technique is to be on time. There is nothing worse for you as a sales person to be late to your appointments. It just says to your potential client that you are lazy, even if you are not. It also says that you cannot be reliable. There are many successful business people that will not keep an appointment with a late salesperson or company and they have good reason. First off being late is disrespectful.
It doesn’t matter the excuse, many times sales people are late because they just hope things work out. Hope is a sales strategy that further down the road leads to sales failure.
persuasive selling ability, being on time is a must to learn
Persuasive selling skill - being on time
If you are a salesperson who is consistently late everywhere your competition does not have to work as hard. Who knows maybe the reason that you heard “I wanna think about it” had nothing to do with your product or presentation but everything to do with you being on time.
Now you may think that something like this would not have to be said but it does. John Wooden the famous college basketball coach on the first basketball practice of every year would teach the entering freshmen how to tie their shoes. Should tying shoes been taught as a basic fundamental? Yes, it is an important basic fundamental, but what if nobody ever showed them how and he just assumed that they knew how to perform such an easy task. What if nobody told you to be on time for your sales calls?
The same goes for sales. As Anthony Robbins says “There are only so many fundamentals”. This is the same for sales and sales training. For you to learn persuasive selling skills you must master the basics first. Many times sales people hit sales slumps because they take new ideas over basic sales strategies or sales tactics that have in the past worked as a nice sales formula and tried to skip the process.
If you are going to master how to increase sales it only makes sense to master the basic building block of sales.  Being on time and showing respect not only to your potential client but also the company that you work for is an absolute must. Building trust in sales holds that you must follow the basics and if you are going to have sales success the basics of sales must be followed.
Sales failure happens when you are not on time
Sales success comes from being on time
When sales people hit a sales slump many bad sales habits become magnified as to what they have been doing wrong or have to potential to do wrong. As a struggling sales person they do not want to go to the sales call because they may be told “No” so they straggle in late and then get told no because they were lacking in confidence and their persona showed it along with being late. You may have to become great at overcoming sales objections in your career but you should be able to read a watch.
For you to increase your sales there is a certain level of commitment that you must have. There is also a list of things that you must commit to doing and being on time must be one of those top priorities. If you are going to be seen as great at what you do or even want to become a sales guru you may find that this element of sales is a great one to master.
The persuasive selling skill of being on time may sound too small but it is usually the small things that make or break the sale for you. To influence others you must have the self-discipline to make that happen.
Persuasive selling abilities are not just something most people are born with they are learned and fine-tuned over time.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions or comments.
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Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive selling skill: the ability to adapt to new skills to persuade with

Persuasive selling skills come in all shapes and sizes. One of the best ways to persuade others is to learn how to think on your feet. As a salesperson there will be times when thoughts or objections will be thrown at you with no idea of where they are going.
Increase your persuasive selling skills
Selling skills that are persuasive can increase your sales
To gain new sales skills you may have to look in places you probably have never thought before. Learning comedy improve makes you learn how to think on your feet and be creative. As a caveat it must be said that you shouldn’t make things up to your potential clients, this would be wrong and eventually lead you down the path of sales failure.
Humor is a great trait to increase but this isn’t to say that you should try to be funny on a sales call. What is funny to you may not translate well or be appropriate for the people that you are working with. One bad or offensive joke and you have just thrown away any of the persuasion selling skills you have learned.
There are a few places to go and learn improve. If you Google improve for you area of zip code you will more than likely get something as a class close to you.
This persuasion skill comes in handy when negotiating, having to deal with an interruption that was unexpected or even when a presentation is going wrong.
From learning improve you will or can learn:
  • · Better timing not just for jokes but also for questions and telling stories
  • · How to deal with uncomfortable pauses
  • · How to manipulate and lead a conversation to where you need it to go for the right reasons (manipulation is only bad when you are using it for the wrong reasons)
  • learning stage presence in front of a group or crowd
This form of persuasion training is better known as sales improve.
If you are going to learn how to increase your sales you will find that not all the same sales training works with everyone. You may find that you did not like being put on the spot of that you have the ability to be funny and that is ok. At least you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new to get past sales rejection and increase your persuasion or influence skills.
Increase your persuasive selling skills
Selling skills increased through persuasion training
Who knows maybe at some point you may find that sales success isn’t what you are after but instead a life of comedy so you can walk away from the “I wanna think about it”.
To increase sales or get out of a sales slump your sales training will have to be more than just the typical role playing or reading a book on persuasive sells skills. Train like your career depends on it because it will. The sales skills that you learn now will serve you for the rest of not just your sales life but life in general. Take this sales tip and turn it into a new sales skill that most sales gurus will say nothing about ever.
Building trust just isn’t for your clients it is also for you, that means you must build trust in yourself and your abilities.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
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Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive selling skill and ability you need to know – Negotiating

Negotiating is part of persuasive selling skills
Increase your persuasive selling skills powers
Persuasive selling skills are needed in today’s business climate. One of the most important skills that you can acquire would be that of negotiating. For some that word instantly sends chills down their spine because it is something that they are uncomfortable with. Your sales success is determined by what persuasive selling skill you have, your sales failure is determined by what you are not willing to learn or do.
It is surprising how many sales people have not even read a book on negotiating or even taken a class because they are scared of it or they do not think that they need it as a selling skill. You may also be suppressed at how easy it is learn this sales technique or persuasive selling skill.
To take this sales challenge that will improve your sales skills you will need a few things:
  • · A few hours on an early Saturday morning
  • · About $20 in cash in single bills, quarters and even some dimes
  • · A willing attitude to have some fun and learn
  • · A car for travel to a nearby neighborhood
How to increase your persuasive selling skills
Increase you persuasive selling skills with an easy step
Your sales mission or adventure is to go to yard sales or garage sales or even flea markets, yes you read that right yard sales and or flea markets. You are then to find random items that you find interesting or even have no attraction to. You are then to see what you can buy these products for. Just know that whatever is asked for by the seller for the first price you cannot pay. You must negotiate even if you ask “what can you do better than that” this will get you out of your comfort zone. You may find that this is fun but you will also find that this barter process is normal. Pay attention to how people react not just with their body language but also their voice. Now this can be the others around you buying these unique products but also the person who is selling. You may also find a new way to overcome sales objections by being patient with the sales process.
Take your time and be patient and have some fun while on this sales mission. First off you never know what kind of cool stuff you can pick up. This project is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. You also get some added benefit you will not just see what buyers of your products go through when buying a product but you may also learn how they feel which is just as important. Your persuasive selling skills are dependent upon learning as many sales skills as possible especially how people react to their feelings. Your ability to effectively communicate with others also depends on this skill to know when they are for real and they have a real concern or if they are bluffing. If you have learned how to bend when needed and flex when appropriate will increase your sales and may just learn how to build trust in a new way.
So what do you have to lose by going through this process or sales challenge? A Saturday morning and about $20 or less and a little gas money
What do you have to gain for this persuasive selling skills adventure, some ways to beat sales rejection, some ways to increase your sales skills and by the way you would be surprised at what you would find in some of your neighbors garages. What do you have to lose by not trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone… everything.
For you to learn how to increase your sales you may have to use some unconventional methods and going to garage sales may just fit the bill. This may sound strange but for one it can be fun and two you get to meet some of your neighbors while increasing your persuasive selling skills and abilities.
Sometimes to learn you have to take small steps to learn new skills. This may be one of those times where you learn from small purchases and deal with some uncomfortable moments. This sales adventure is it cheesy…. yes, fun…. possibly, necessary…. or of course.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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