Persuasive sales abilities require you to defeat sales slumps and sales rejection

Persuasive selling skills sometimes require the knowledge to get out of a sales slump to keep you out of sales failure. Many times when a salesperson is in a sales slump they are desperate for sales and to keep their goals if they have them. There are a few issues with just this alone.
  • · There is a ton of pressure on the salesperson to perform
  • · The pressure causes the salesperson to speed up their sales process, they leave out steps in the sales process and end up hearing “no” or “I wanna think about it”
  • · They are focused on the big number for the week, month or quarter.
If you are in a sales slump and your focus is for the end of the month or quarter the chances of you making your numbers are slim to none. This isn’t to say that you are not an amazing sales person or that you do not have superior persuasive sales skills but it is saying that if you are so worried about getting your sales numbers the focus is way too broad.
Persuaive sales skills include goal setting
Setting effective goals is a persuaive sales ability
The best thing that you can do to influence your sales skills is to focus on one call or one project. This may not even be the whole project it could be a single aspect of it. Your focus is to sell the person or group that you are in front of. This takes enormous pressure off you to perform for more than what you need to. This is the best way to perform sales to begin with but some will tell you to watch for the entire month or quarter.
If you keep a short list of things to do during the day or for a project this will keep you on task. Finishing the first item will take focus before moving on to the next. In some instances sales people do not always get the ability to just get one thing done. If that is the case do everything you can to keep focus on each project during its timeframe that you can.
In order for you to have persuasive sales skills you must have the internal ability to persuade people. If your mind is off target for the project or the client the focus is elsewhere and they can feel your lack of enthusiasm or can even tell that you are desperate.
The best analogy would be that if you were to have to climb a mountain and there were dangers on your path would you focus on the peak or the next 5 – 10 feet in front of you? Yes your end goal is the top of the mountain but to keep looking at the peak causes anxiety or frustration. That anxiety or frustration can lead other places that are not good. This is normally where salespeople start siding with the one person in the office or group who lack the abilities to stay positive. The other problem for sales people is to pay attention to what others are doing in the office, region or nation. You must compete with yourself first and then with others. Focusing on what others are doing draws your attention away from what you must do and further builds the anxiety or frustration.
For you to have sales success short and immediate focus during the work hours is how to achieve that. This means that for whatever time you are with your clients they are what you focus on. If you have time to work on a project or proposals make is so that you have no interruptions. There is only so long that a person can intently work on something without burning out or making mistakes, so about an hour fits the best. If you have the ability to go longer then do so.
For your persuasive sales abilities to work your focus has to be in place. Searching for new sales tips to try and implement will not.
  • · It is important to remember to not change what was working for you previously and trying a new sales technique may not be the best idea unless you are good at improvising and not many sales people are.
It’s not a question of how to increase your sales skills in a sales slump it is a question of what you focus on. Sales slumps are a common part of the sales process but the goal setting strategy of focusing on your next one sale isn’t.
Sales rejection sometimes happens just from the sales person looking or feeling desperate and for no other reason. There is no super fantastic sales formula that will instantly increase your sales. There is just tireless work on the sales process. Sure there are things that you can do that will immediately impact your sales in the short term but it does take focus to keep doing the same thing over and over again with slight tweaks to make it better.  Sales rejection is also normal if you are excellent at persuasive selling skills or abilities nobody gets told “yes” all of the time.
Sales rejection can be beat with goal setting
persuasive sales skills are increased with goal setting
Goal setting of the next sale should remain your priority not the end of the sales period. This is a required successful sales technique.
Yes! you can do it!
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive sales skill: Knowing good and bad goals

Persuasion sales skills are not always what you think they may be. Many times you must persuade yourself before you can make sales. Sales people can only live up to their internal representations of themselves. That means that a salesperosn can only sell the ammount of product that they think they can no more and no less.

Persuaive sales skills are important but so are sales goals
Increasing your sales can come from persuaive sales skills

One common mistake sales people make is to compare one year of sales to the next or the month of last year to this year’s month. While it is a perfectly good idea to have goals and track your numbers there are items that will drive you absolutely insane. Judging your performance in the wrong way is one of them.

You must set goals and live by them to make more sales; it’s almost like your own persuasive sales internal computer. Once the computer is continuously updated it will most certainly run that computer program. When comparing one year to another too hard it creates frustration. When it comes to sales frustration can be defined as not knowing the next step.  If a salesperson does not know the next step it creates confusion. The confusion then somewhat drops self-confidence or completely drops the self-confidence. When the self-confidence drops sales drop.

In a way focusing too hard on previous years or goals from those years defeats the purpose of setting new goals. In sales you can have just insane months and sell more in two weeks than you have in 2 months. That sales momentum can carry you just like a sales drought can lead to a longer sales slump. Yes it is important to have consistent goals to move forward. But to be focused on last year’s previous performance does not work.

Business has changed more in the last few years than it has in the last few decades.  This means sales has also had to change. The way that you as a salesperson has to deal with your clients, potential clients, vendors and even the competition. It has always been this way but with the affairs of the world the process has just been sped up.

You can make more sales if you increase your persuasive selling abilities
Persuasive selling abilities can help your sales

Many sales positions have also changed for the job description compared to what they were even just last year, many poor skilled sales people have had to lead the field. Every industry changes over time and that means that a sales persons job will change continuously. Its not a good thing to see people lose jobs but it is good to see salespeople who are not prepared to do their job out of the way.

Bad salespeople do a few things in your industry:

  • · they can sales too low to make sales
  • · explain things the wrong way and create problems with understanding for your clients and or potential clients
  • · Misrepresent products  just beyond confusion to an item or service
  • · May not understand the marketplace

If you really want to find out just how good you are at persuasive sales skills having to deal with other sales people in your industry that would be considered equal skill will fulfill that knowledge area. If you really want to improve your sales skills you may want to find out where to top sales people learned from or who they studied with. They may have had a great teacher or they just may be a naturally talented sales person.

Sales success is really defined by you and must be defined by you and your actions along with your motives including how you set your goals will define that. If you want to learn how to increase your sales you may find answers that you didn’t expect in the first place. Setting goals is an awesome thing to do. Focusing too far into the past does not change the present.

Sales gurus have always advocated the power of setting goals and will continue to. Your sales recipe or sales success formula has a few items to make the entire good:

  • · Your skills that you have acquired over time
  • · Your set goals with flexibility to change what is needed as strategies or tactics
  • · The education that you have received in persuasive selling techniques, negotiating
  • · The knowledge you have of your field or industry
  • · You mental toughness when it comes to good or bad (Too much good times can create lazy sales people)
  • · Your appearance and over all persona about you
  • · The work ethic that you have (are you willing to do more than others)
  • · Your flexibility as a salesperson to work with others
  • · Your mental state and self-image internally (overall self-confidence in your business and personal lie )
  • · The people around you that influence your daily decisions

These are not all of the items that would need to be used as the recipe to increase sales or hold them where they are now. Just remember that your industry will keep changing and that goal setting is important for you in increase your sales. You will have more challenges in the future the question is how will you prepare for that time when the changes happen. Focus on today and the future not the past because you cannot go back and relive it.

Most times the toughest person to persuade is yourself and that means sometimes you must use your persuasive selling abilities internally.

As always I would like to thank you for your comments and or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

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Persuasive sales skills: Sales success is learned from failure part 2

Persuasive sales skills can indeed be learned from sales failure. The most important part of understanding sales failure is by defining it. Sales failure is defined by: Giving up on the persuasive sales process or just winging calls without a game plan. Sales failure can also be defined by not making a sale even though you did everything you were supposed to do but do everything afterward to determine why the sale was not made. Either way you define sales failure persuasive selling techniques require structure and scripting to your sales process.

The fear of failure has stopped more people before they have even started than most other reasons. It’s the same reason that people keep working in a job that they hate year after year. Many time entrepreneurs will say the best thing that happened to them is that they were fired or lost a job that caused them to perform to a new function. You will battle sales failure in either definition as long as you are in sales or work on your persuaive selling abilities.

So what does this have to do with sales or sales success? Failure in some aspect or another is not only normal it is to be expected over time. Even the best sales people in most industries close at only 70%, that means that they fail 30% of the time or did they. Do you think that it bothers a top sales person to walk away from a call and not sell it? More than likely a sales person like that is tormented by the word “No” so much that they try to figure out where they lost the sale. This question probably is their focus long after their sales call even though they have let the pain of losing the sale gow. They always want to know how to increase their sales skills.

sales failure is part of learning persuaive selling skills
Persuaive sales abilities can include sales failure

The mistake is to let another person define what a sales failure is to you in so much as they can tell you that you are a failure. Plenty of successful sales people still make silly mistakes every day they have just lost focus on what they know works or they have gotten lazy.

Sales failure can be of benefit to you as a sales person by finding out what doesn’t work and what does.

What may work for a coworker or another sales person does not mean that it will work for you and that is ok also. Sales success comes from you finding out what works for you. Persuasive selling skills for each person may be different depending upon their abilities and or demeanor. This is actually great news because you may be able to find sales skills to dominate in your marketplace that others cannot. This also explains why you have seen or heard other sales people do things that you cannot duplicate even though you have tried.

Sales success is a mystery for some because they allow it to be. For you to gain persuasive selling abilities sometimes you will have to fail and be alright with that. If you are scared of success you will not find yourself having it.

There is at some point where you have to be vulnerable and even seen as vulnerable to grow in just about every aspect of your life. Sometimes being vulnerable means asking for help, failing or even not succeeding at the level that you want and or desire as soon or as fast as desired.

There are some sales people that will get to a point where they think that they have failed enough. This is silly also because as a salesperson there will always be jobs or projects that do not go through. Sales is an ever changing job and by not knowing that no matter how many successful sales techniques or persuasive sales skills you will fail. Your industry if it has not changed yet it will soon that is just how business is evolution is part of every job or industry.

Sale success starts with sales failure its part of persuaive selling skills
sales failure is not only normal but expected

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions or comments.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

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Persuasive sales skills: Sales success is learned from failure

Persuasive sales skills sometime require the harsh reality; and that is there are times that you will have to fail. Sales failure is needed to learn how to make persuasive sales calls. Sales skills are normally learned out in the field and not just by absorbing them from sales books, persuasion seminars, cds on influence or even dvds featuring sales gurus. If learning these sales skills were that easy many sales people would be in the top 2% of their industries.

It seems that people are always looking for the short cut. You know the secret sales formula that increases sales by huge multiples over night. Almost like its a prize in a cereal box and everyone can get it.

Many times new salespeople will ask sales trainers “What is the biggest thing you have learned while doing X” or “how do I combat when people do X” and sometimes “when a person says X what do I say”? It would be cool to be able to dispense sales advice like a bubble gum machine just put in the question and the right question falls out but it doesn’t work that way. There is no secret sales formula except living through the sales calls.

How to learn persuaive sales skills
Persuaive sales skills lead to increased revenues

Now some of this nonsense comes from the belief that is you model someone that you can have the same exact results as them. Well just like the legal disclaimer “results may vary” depending upon the user and not just the knowledge. Its not just knowledge that you need for sales success its implementation plus real life experience.

How long does it take for someone to be an expert at what they do? Some will tell you on average 10,000 hours some will say 1,000 hours now whatever that answer is you cannot cram it into a weekend or even a few hours of training. Yes you can try but it will not work consistently or to the level as to what most would expect. Does it hurt to hear that in many instances there is no quick map or sales formula that turns into a sales recipe for every sales call? For some they will say it isn’t true for the ones who have had to work their butts off at what they do they should be smiling.

Now every once in a while the stars and moon align and there will be that one guy or girl in 10,000,000 who can make something happen out of just talent and ability to follow others, those people is what give the ones who want some modeling shortcut hope.

Sales success takes long term dedication
Persuasive sales skills can lead to sales success

Have you ever watch karate on television or in real life? Some of those guys are flat out ridiculous they can break boards or bricks with their bare hands or foreheads. They are masters and they have done hard work to get to that point. There is a reason why they have a sequence of belts in Karate that start with white and move through black (In most disciplines, some use other colors). That is because the person has mastered each specific level for certain talents and or abilities. The same goes for persuasive sales abilities. There is a definite sequence of steps that you must learn and master.

Some of the steps in persuasive selling skills are:

  • · Asking the right type of questions that have been crafted to reach a certain response
  • · Getting commitments for each level of the meeting with understanding of the next step
  • · Knowing how to react or not react not just verbally but physically
  • · Negotiation basics so you know where your potential client is going or where you can go
  • · The art of playing dumb or reversing to not just find position but to gauge the level of involvement
  • · Non-verbal communication or body language
  • · Vocal pitch and tone abilities to use your voice correctly
  • · Knowing when to walk away from the sale and being ok with it
  • · Being ok with complaints
  • · Learning that cancelations are a normal part of sales
  • · Not taking rejection personally
  • · Knowing the other styles of sales and who represents them (Sandler, S.P.I.N. or whatever they are and whoever you like)
  • · Implementing what you have learned from sales training or sales gurus
  • · Paying attention to details
  • · Being on time just to name a few

Now if you were to think that you would have persuasive sales skills by being able to master one of those items what kind of sales success do you think that you would have? Would your persuasive sales truly be persuasive or would they just be sales skills?

For those who want to learn how to make more sales you will have to fail in some subjects to learn what you are doing. This isn’t saying that you will have be a complete sales failure but it is saying that there is something to be said for having to get knocked down and saying that will not happen again.

Learning how to be persuasive for some comes naturally for others they have to work very hard at it for it to work. Knowing that it is ok in instances to fail is a tough lesson to learn: learning from those failures is how people become successful at what they do.

Just because you have enough sales techniques so that you can overcome sales objections in a class or the office and beat “I wanna think about it” with your manager does not make you an expert in sales or prove persuasive selling abilities.

In order to grow you will need to have many failures along the way not just in sales but also in life. That’s because you learn from each step of your life and from being uncomfortable. The sales success formula comes from experience.

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

Persuasive selling skill, selling yourself first with goals

Persuasive selling skills are sometimes more needed by you as a sales person to persuade yourself more than to persuade your potential clients.
One item that sales people normally overlook the power of is setting goals.
Persuaive sales skill; setting goals
Setting goals are a secret persuaisve selling skill
For a quick example: If you were somehow lost in the woods through an unknown area without a map you would at first wander and then get lost and then panic. This is the same for sales people they wnader get lost and then panic. This panic then turns into a predictable sales slump.
Typically mediocre sales people do not have the focus that other successful sales people have. The two groups may have all of the exact sales tools and sales abilities but the main difference between the two is how they focus on what they want.
On the other side of the coin is the group of sales people who focus on what they don’t want or even what they cannot control. This focus on what they don’t want drives them closer to the exact thing that they do not like or occupies their mind or mental real estate.
What you can and do have control over is how you set your goals not just for today but also for the week, month or even year. It is easy to get caught up in trying to set the perfect plan. Many times things do not happen how you want them to but it is better to have some sort of road map instead of guessing or jest letting things happen by chance.
Sometimes learning how to increase your sales comes from nothing more than having the power to know what you want. Uncertainty is uncomfortable and creates complacency. Complacency is the worst enemy of sales success it slows down the process and filters through all levels of what sales people are capable of. This is how sales failure is started or continued over time.
Goal setting can increase your sales
Sales success through setting goals
There is something that happens in the mind when it gets focused on accomplishing something. This task of writing a goal may be as simple as writing your weekly goal on a post it note and putting it on your dash as a simple reminder.
Many times sales slumps are from lack of focus and not the issues with your competition, your territory or even the economy.  In many instances sales slumps just happen from poor planning.
To have persuasive sales skills requires some attention to the smaller details not just in your clients’ life but also in your own life. Successful sales skills are something that are learned over time and come from consistency in actions.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive sales skill: Increase your sales by mirroring people

Persuasive selling skills require that you learn more than just selling techniques or hard core one line closes. Persuasive selling skills base much of the abilities on psychology and take some effort to learn.
As the story goes either physiologist Vittorio Gallese or Leo Fogassi of the Rizzolatti research team were working with Macaque monkeys researching the premotor cortex as an area that they labeled f5. This area of the brain deals with motor functions and skills.
One of the researchers was in the lab and was eating food possibly ice cream or something similar while one of the research monkeys was still hooked up to the research machines and either of the researchers reached for the food and it triggered the area of the brain of the monkey as if he or she was doing the exact same thing. The researchers came up with the mane of mirror neurons to label this part of the brain.
The result of the eating mishap was that the researchers found that monkeys and then people see themselves doing what you do to some degree or another.
Now you may understand why when you have met with someone man or woman and just felt like you clicked? It just seemed so natural and perfect and then you couldn’t understand why?
On the opposite you have met with a client or a date and then all of the sudden BAM! everything fell apart and then you were left scratching your head wondering how everything fell apart, or if you have ever walked into a conversation and all of the sudden it seemed awkward? That’s because the brain has no context of the situation. No context of the situation creates confusion and then disorder or even confusion.
Mirroring is a way to increase persuasive selling abilities
Persuasive selling abilities include mirroring
Chances were you were connected through what psychologists call synchronicity because you have triggered the mirror neurons much like the researchers with the ice cream. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) the mirroring of another person would be defined as pacing or leading
Now what in the world does this have to do with sales? That would be everything.
If you believe that people buy from someone that they like and trust this means everything.
When people buy a product except in instances of extreme emergency your non verbal communication or body language can either put people at ease or set them off so that they say “I wanna think about it” which really means “no”.
If you were to need to pick up a few sales tips or ways to increase your sales abilities here are a few things that you can to do, watch what the opposite person is doing and start to follow their actions. This includes:
  • Their pace of speech and volume of their voice
  • Their posture or how they are standing or sitting
  • Their breathing pattern
  • Their positive actions like smiling or laughing
  • Their negative actions like frowns
Persuasive selling skills are psychological sometimes
How to increase your sales through persuasive sales skills
This may sound odd or even like a whole bunch of things to do all at one time but with practice it gets much easier. Best of all it sets the person you are with at ease and makes them more comfortable. Once they as a buyer are more comfortable with you it makes it easier for them to like you then trust you. In the end that should equal that they would buy form you.
Ah but yes you can screw this all up really easily. One of the many reasons that you should practice what you do in your sales call. Your job is to start off by doing the following covertly. This means that you do not just do everything exactly the second that the other person does their action. You follow a few seconds later.
What other things can you do with this information to increase you sales?
  • Nod yes when you want someone to do something as you are asking them to.
  • Nod no when you don’t want someone to do  something as you are asking them to
  • Move in a direction that you would like the person to go
Here is a super-secret sales tip for you modeling could include you making the gesture like you were signing the paperwork after you ask for the agreement to be authorized.
By learning some of the base information in psychology you can start to add layers to your sales process. Each bit of information layers onto then next for you to learn how to make more sales. This learning of layering is something that takes time and may not be learned from just reading a book. This process does take commitment to learn and implement.
Your homework is to figure out something that you can do where your client or potential client can follow you in an action that will result ultimately with you making the sale.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comment or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive selling skill – Increase sales by asking the uncomfortable questions


Persuasive selling skills are talents that are learned over time. Learning how to increase your sales can be done with time and effort. There is no easy shortcut to success. Persuasive selling skills should be defined as a long road of learning that is never really complete but can be adapted over time with experience and hard work.

Sales people whether in a sales slump or when making sales typically don’t like to ask the questions that they need to. For some reason the sales person thinks that if they do not ask the question and push for the sale they as a salesperson can make the sale faster.

This doesn’t make sense to think that by short cutting the process the sale will be made. Most sales people think that they can become “friends” with their potential clients if they are nice and do not go through all of the necessary steps. If you are in a sales situation and take short cuts you will end up hearing “No” or “I wanna think about it”.

In all realities to be great at sales or increase them as much as possible there is a sales formula or sales recipe that has to be followed. The path to learning persuasive selling skills means that there will have to be some things that have to be done consistently and that includes asking all of the questions that are supposed to be asked to make the sales.

By deciding to use persuasive selling skills you will have to step out of you comfort zone and boundaries. To increase you sales you will have to implement consistent steps of not just questions but actions and stories. Sales strategies only work when set up correctly otherwise it ends up causing sales failure.

Sales techniques are just the beginning when it comes to sale. You can use sales techniques for a while but in the end you will not be able to close as many sales as you need to from just using the old and outdated material that is made fun of on the internet and movies. Sales success is dependent on taking what doesn’t work and not using it, while finding new ways to persuade or influence your potential clients and get them to move forward.

As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments or questions.

Now go implement!

Scott Sylvan Bell

Persuasive selling skills timing and reaction

Persuasion sales skills come in many forms but in the end they all come down to your ability as a sales person to communicate.
Influence expert Dr. Kevin Hogan was one asked by Sales guru, trainer and expert Jeffrey Gitomer: How do you define sales? Jeffrey shared that his definition was “ask questions”. There are a few reasons for this excellent and brilliant answer or definition.
When you ask questions it does a few important things for a sales person:
  • · It uncovers the information you need to define how to help a person, group or business.
  • · Takes control of the sales appointment or sales call. He or she who asks the defining questions wins the sale as long as they can figure out control.
There are 2 important elements to asking questions in the sales process:
  1. 1. Reaction
  2. 2. Timing
Before we discuss reaction it is important to explain one thing:
The pass the salt rule – Your question and or answer is said in a tone of voice just as if you were going to ask the person next to you “Could you please pass the salt”. That is with no real emotion thought or feelings. It is just a natural statement that rolls off your tongue with no fear or expectations.
Learning how to react is an element of persuasive selling skills
Persuasive selling skill: reaction
Reaction is just what it says. It is how you react to question or the questions that either you or your potential buyer asks. Now depending upon the situation you may not need to have any type of reaction, even though you want to. Your client may give you the sales objection of “I wanna think about it” and you may want to explode inside but instead you share the phrase using the pass the salt rule and answer “That’s perfectly fine and normal”.
In some instances you need to have a reaction to what is said or asked. That reaction can be over animated when needed or totally relaxed as if it doesn’t matter depending on the situation and your sales skills. This reaction style is something that is learned over time being in the field. Most writing explanations can do this part of reaction justice because for the most part it has to be learned out in the field. Even if you role play with experienced sales people you have to find your own voice when it comes to reaction.
The reactions that you have from questions or comments must fit your personality type and persona. If you change the way that you are or have been too much in a sales call or with a potential client it will seem a little off to them and can lead to unneeded reactions. The best thing for you to do is to learn to be a chameleon where questions or statements do not bother you. Some of your reactions have to do with timing that will be discussed further below a little later.
Sometimes the potential client you are working with is looking for or expecting a reaction from you. The reaction that they can be looking for could be to get you to do a few things:
  • · Drop the price
  • · See how desperate you are as a sales person
  • · To be a difficult or to be a jerk
  • · Because they were not expecting what you showed them for an investment amount or price
  • · You upset them for some other reason (you may have been to forward, pushed for the sales too hard for them, hurt their feelings or you are more than what they were expecting)
  • · To see if you are telling the truth
  • · See how experienced you are with your product, sales or even negotiating
Understanding timing can help you learn how to increase sales
Persuasive selling skill: Timing
Timing is going to be to know when to ask a question or even when to answer a question that is asked.
If you answer the question that is asked of you too soon you may be seen as too polished or you just may be too polished and not know it. When most sales people are in sales slump trouble timing is one area that they struggle with significantly. They as a salesperson want to get the sale so they rush questions and responses so that they can get to the next sale. Timing goes out the window and fewer questions are asked.
As a general rule for salespeople many times the best thing you can is to keep your mouth shut for a few extra seconds to let the thought or question roll around in the potential clients head for just a few extra seconds. As a note if you wait too long the desired result does not happen it creates confusion or is the wrong type of uncomfortable. By giving enough time between statements or questions the extra time the potential clients has can:
  • · Think about what you asked especially if it was a powerful or thought evoking question
  • · Allows them to ask a question that they have or to get clarification
  • · Be lead to where you want them to go if you understand the persuasive selling process
  • · As a bonus it gives you time as a sales person to think and breathe while you gather what you will do next if the circumstances are unusual.
Timing is tough to learn for most people and has many of the same elements of comedy. This is one of the many reasons to study Improv acting. You can watch movies or acting and try to gain an understanding but it just isn’t the same. Learning timing for asking questions is an important element to add to your sales tool bag.
By the way it doesn’t help to just fire off questions and pause for enough time to get the questions answered. The situation has to feel real, this means that most of what you have done has to be rehearsed or practiced through role play. In many instances learning is easy and implementing is difficult. In this situation of learning how to ask better questions and learning timing this is not easy to learn or implement but your rewards for doing both with be significant enough.
Remember sales success comes from hard work and patience and is not instant. Persuasive selling abilities will require you to be patient.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive selling skill: Knowing your sales abilities and sales strengths

Persuasive selling skills require that you know your abilities and limitations. Knowing that you can increase your sales and income is important. Knowing that it will take time for you to learn persuasive selling skills is also a must.
You can buy as many sales cd’s, sales dvd’s and go to as many sales courses or influence boot camps as possible but it imperative to know that your sales will not instantly change for the most part. Some sales people do see immediate results but that doesn’t happen often.
When you change your sales presentation you may not get the results that you want form the very beginning. It is rare to find a salesperson that can implement something new right off the bat and get results. Many times it takes mutiple hours of role play to make increasing sales happen and feel automatic. In fact after implementing something new it may just put you into a sales slump and not only is that normal it is common. That is because it is something new and untested. If you have a scripted presentation, modifications will change the dynamics of the way your presentation rolls out.
Knowing where your weaknesses are is an important ability that most people will not face the reality of, they do not want to admit weaknesses. This is one of the best things to admit to so that you can grow. One of the best actions you can take is to make a list of what you are good at, what you are ok with and what you need to work on.
Persuasive selling skills are learned over time
Strengthen your persuasive selling skills
Your sales success depends upon your ability to adapt and grow, many sales people just go along to get along or really never train to get better. If this isn’t you then you are applauded for your time and effort.
Learning how to increase your sales skills takes time and effort. If you hear or see some snake oil being peddled at least listen to the sales presentation to get what sales nuggets that you can take away and mold into your sales process. There is much to learn from other sales people good or bad, there is always something to not do or that may work well. It is a good idea to keep a journal of all of your sales nuggets that you gain from listening to sales presentations or even from other sales people.
As you learn new sales techniques or persuasive selling abilities remember that you will still have to overcome objections, push back sales failure and work just as hard to influence people. There is a magic bullet to increase your sales: it is hard and dedicated or tireless work. If any sales guru sales anything else you are in for a load of lies.
Sales training should be difficult at times, the uncomfortable moments are what make you a better sales person. If you are going to learn persuasive selling skills your comfort zone will be stretched at every chance.
Sales success comes to those who are willing to work on their abilities and sometimes that means paying money out of your own pocket for training as well as working on your sales skills while others are out having a good time. The sales formula for success requires that your attention is paid to your abilities or lack of abilities.  How dedicated are you to building your business? If you are in sales you are an entrepreneur which means you are building a business and that is important to remember.
Are there shortcuts to sales success?
That is a common question asked of many sales trainers or sales gurus. Well the answer is going to depend upon your moral and ethical beliefs and what you think belongs in a sales formula for sales success.
If you have no morals or ethics than yes there are 3 fast shortcuts to increase sales and those are:
•             Lie
•             Cheat
•             Steal
Can you make sales faster that way? Yes you can. Are the consequences worth it? No they are not. In this digital age you have very little room for making such mistakes, the mistakes will follow you unless you have access to fake ID’s and new social security numbers.
Sales success comes from learning persuasive selling skills
Increasing sales takes time even with persausive selling abilities
Now for most people those 3 bad or evil bullets are not the ways to make sales, for some that is the way of life. Hopefully if you are reading this you are appalled by those who lie, cheat and steal because they give the sales profession a bad name. Remember to get where you want to go may take longer than you would think or it can be a shorter time but hard work does pay off longer than the shortcuts that usually end with bad consequences. People usually get caught at their worst moments not their best and that normally includes a television reporter and a camera man.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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Persuasive selling skill to master, be on time part 2

Persuasive selling skills are increase over time and with effort
Increase your sales with persuasive selling skills
Persuasive selling skills start with knowing that with persuasion everything counts. For you to increase your sales it is important to know that everything you do either counts for you or against you. If you are keeping score that means: being on time, how you are dressed, how your clothes look besides how they are dressed,  what you look like, your breath, your presentation, your vocal qualities, how you treat those around you and even how you treat those you have never met.
How important is it to be on time? More than likely one of if not the most important things you can do all day.
Besides increasing your persuasive selling skills from being on time there are a few other things that will help you out.
While sitting in the waiting room observe how the gate keeper treats others and what pushes his or her buttons. There is a reason why they are the gate keeper and they do have influence over the decision maker. In a perfect sales world there would be no competition, no gate keepers or no sales objections but that would be a fantasy. Realistically it’s a good thing that you have competition and that they are not good at what they do.
How you treat those around you has repercussions more than what you would know. Everybody is watching you and your actions do have consequences. It doesn’t take any more effort to be nice to those around you as it does to be arrogant or mean. Some sales trainers have some interesting ways to teach of how to get around a gate keeper and while some of the ways with intense pressure some of them cause sales rejection issues. Some of these ways taught give you one opportunity to get into see the decision maker after that the bridge has been burned. If you sell in a small enough niche, your attitude and tactics will be known faster than you would think.
There are a few things that come from talking to the gate keeper:
  • · They can give you information that will help what you do.
  • · They will give no help at all for what you do.
  • · They will give you misinformation which is worse than no information, its good to know that this can happen.
Take what you learn and apply it how you will, if the gate keeper has given you a sales tip do what you can with it. Some offices run games to see how they can give sales people misdirection and that can lead you down the path of sales failure. In order for you to have sales success it is good to know how to detect lies or inaccuracies when dealing with others. Reading nonverbal communication is one of those ways. Some places do this misdirection so much even with the best skills you may not be able to detect their game.
Learning how to increase your sales through persuasive selling skills takes time
Sales tip: Be on time and be nice so you can make more sales
It’s tough enough in the beginning of a sales career to learn how to increase sales along with learning over time without some sort or direction.  Persuasive selling skills are acquired over time not in minutes, it doesn’t matter what sales gurus tell you, increasing your sales takes time. Being able to effectively implement new sales strategies takes planning and effort, more than what other sales people are willing to do. Even with all of the best sales abilities and training you will hear “I wanna think about it” but you will be able to know how to deal with it better and disarm it.
By learning all you can about how you work, your sales, persuasion, non-verbal communication, new  sales techniques, learning how to build trust and overcome objections, working with old sales techniques and lastly learning how to effectively keep up with you sales slump cycles your sales can be increased.
As always I would like to thank you in advance for your questions and comments.
Now go implement!
Scott Sylvan Bell
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