Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell shares how to sell more

Persuasion is a necessary skill to learn Persuasion experts know that there are plenty of ways to entice others to do what you want. When it comes to a skill that you really must master in business persuasion may be the most important. Whether it’s in print, verbal or even a video Scott Sylvan Bell can show you the way to persuade others more effectively.   Your verbal communication says plenty about your abilities but what if you are using 30 year old tactics that just don’t work anymore when it comes to influencing others? Finding information on how to increase your influence that is effective is not always as easy as you would think that it would be.   Using the same tired sales techniques that your competitor is using doesn’t really work either because you just become a carbon copy of the last guy or girl causing your message to be stale.   To set yourself apart persuasion is a skill that you must master in order to get to the next level.   You may find persuasion comes in different forms:

  •          Verbal
  •          Nonverbal or body language
  •          Video
  •          Print

It could very well be you have been asked to sell a pen in a job interview, here is the best way to deal with the challenge of “Sell me this pen”




Persuasion through body language Reading body language may give you an edge over others while communicating. You may be able to determine if the man or the woman is lying and if there is an issue or problem with a detail that they forget to share with you.    Maybe you don’t know what your own body is saying and that can get you in just as much trouble.   For others to understand and interpret your message correctly your verbal message must match up with your nonverbal actions. In order for you to be persuasive your verbal message must match your body language.    Things that body language can help you understand or you may have an advantage in knowing •See if a man or woman is interested in your proposition •Determine if a boyfriend, girlfriend husband or wife may be lying or deceitful and sometimes if they are cheating on you. •Tell if you are in danger or you actions may put you in harm’s way •Use as an advantage for negotiation to find out if what he or she is saying is really their best option       Being able to read the body language or men or women gives you skills that become covert in nature and increase your persuasive skills, techniques and or abilities.         Scott Sylvan Bell   Now go implement!

Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell can teach you how to influence others
Persuasion expert Scott Sylvan Bell teaches the principals of body language